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Hear Word… New Book Alert



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When I was in medical school, “Hear Word” was one phrase that was thrown around freely. In our final year class activity, a short play was done centring on “Hear Word”.

In fact, in medical school we created an “Inability to Hear Word” department and even went as far as assigning roles from Prof. Emeritus to patient on colleagues.

Hear Word is a wake-up call, a prompt meant to make you to pay attention, to listen up, to get focused and to receive sense.

I have also written many stories and articles and ended them with #hearword or #hearwordseries and this has stuck, like a stamp on an envelope.

Hear Word Wisdom for All, the first of the #hearwordseries contains short relatable stories and musings on relationship, marriage, love, sex, social media etiquette, health matters, youth matters, learning, unlearning and relearning and many more.

My editor Marshal Bernard did an awesome work, as always, get those other dishes ready Marsh. Thank you so much, Uchechi Onyeka OparaFavour Chigozirim EmmanuelIrene Ibiwāri-Íkíríkó and Anayo Merit Omasirichi for making important inputs on the manuscript.

Every illustration in the book was crafted by the one and only Uji Terkuma, thank you bro, you are a genius…

Onuora Onianwa must have been fed up with me… I did not worry him like that … He is a great graphic designer…and he did a great job…

I also want to thank everyone who helped me with the title… The content… And pushed this project financially and morally…

I also thank my wife for the encouragement with this project… and for all the sacrifice she constantly makes to allow me be all of me…

A special thanks to my entire family for their support.

We are live on

We will be live on from the 1st of August and you can order now for your kindle device and your paperback, guess what you can order from anywhere in the world.

Paperback via other channels will be available for release on the 30th of August 2019… Just pre-order now…

Wisdom is the principal thing…In all thy getting, hear word.

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Hearts Without Thorns…




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The Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria – Students’ arm, Abia State University Teaching Hospital (CMDA Nigeria – Students ABSUTH) presents her healing balm newsletter for the year 2020 titled “HEARTS WITHOUT THORNS”.

It’s a book culled to enable it’s reader to understand the concept of living a life free from thorns and toxins which make our love for God unstable and wavering.

It aims at equipping every reader with the knowledge and consciousness of his existential state.

You know we happen to live in a world where everyone is doing it the way they seem fit, some feel they’re doing it right, some know they’re not on track but they’re just doing it anyways.

It’s expedient for us to understand that not everyone who is a Christian is actually one. You know Judas was a follower of Jesus for 3yrs yet the scriptures recorded that he loved money so much, which was the legal premise by which the devil found expression in him to betray JESUS.

This book will enable us to understand some deep facts about staying in alignment with Christ and his Business.

School Editor-in-Chief.

Click below to download…

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Port Harcourt to Remember…




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The long awaited MDCAN January 2020 NEC meeting has kicked off today, Wednesday, 22nd January, 2020 with the arrival of the members of the NOC.

Port Harcourt is a tourist’s dream destination. It is also known as the treasure base of the Nation. The city offers a good blend of business and social activities for an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The Rivers people are very hospitable and friendly. There are several local cuisines ranging from roasted plantain served with fish sauce and the popular native soup containing sea foods that can be eaten with pounded yam or fufu.

There are important historic sites and pleasure parks that may interest you.
This NEC will feature:

  • Admission of new NEC members.
  • Update on the PhD Vs Fellowship Saga.
  • Unveiling the Road Map & Agenda of Prof. Kenneth Ozoilo led NOC for 2019- 2021.
  • And lots more…
  • The NPS will transmit happening at the NEC meeting through Live Streaming,on both MDCAN NEC and National platforms.
    I wish all NEC members and observers journey mercies.
    Thank you.

Abidemi Emmanuel OMONISI.
National Publicity Secretary, MDCAN.

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Welcome to the MDCAN NEC Meeting, Port Harcourt 2020.




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The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) presents the National Executive Council (NEC) Meeting, Port Harcourt 2020.

The theme of this event is Revamping the Health Care System in Nigeria: Re-echoing the Role of Stakeholders.

Date: 22nd – 26th January, 2020.

Venue: Nigerian Bar Association Port Harcourt, Branch House,No. 1 Bank Road Opposite PHALGA, Multipurpose Hall Second Floor, Port Harcourt.

Keynote Speaker: Eze (Prof.) Promise N. C. Abuwa.

Chairman of the occasion: Emeritus Prof. Nimi Briggs

Special Guest of Honour: Chief. Ezebunwo Wike. Executive Governor of Rivers State.

Guests of Honour: *Sir Dr. Peter Odili *Senator Betty Okagua Apiafi

Hosts: * Dr Friday Aaron (CMD RSUTH) * Dr Kenneth Okagua (CMD RSHMB)

Chief Host: * Dr A.M Harry

President MDCAN: Prof. Kenneth Ozoilo

Program of Events

Wednesday 22nd January, 2020 : Arrival of National Officers.

Thursday 23rd January, 2020: Courtesy visits by NOC/Arrival of NEC members/ Welcome cocktail party.

Friday 24th January, 2020: CME/Opening Ceremony/NEC 1

Saturday 25th January, 2020: Health Walk 6am/NEC 2/Tour of Health facilities

Sunday 26th January, 2020: Press Conference/Departure

Welcome to Port Harcourt, we trust your stay will be remarkable and unforgettable.

Dr. Ebbi Robinson.

Dr. Ebbi Robinson Secretary LOC Port Harcourt 2020
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