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The unnecessary game of numbers



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By Ovundah Nyeche.

The game of numbers…

Medical school was a funny period…

Year 4 especially…

Almighty Pharmacology and Pathology…

You check the board… See your scores… And boom it is low, well lower than you thought you would score and then you spy matriculation number XYZ…your score is higher than his and suddenly all anger within you evapourate…

At least I am better off than…XYZ!

You check the board again… Your scores need emergency resuscitation, but you check again and discover it was a slaughter house… Figuratively a cow was killed on the result sheet, it was bloody… You dare not feel sad… The “motor did not jam only you”…In fact it killed a lot of people.

You check the board on another day, and you did very very well, far above your expectation… But you check the board again and you discover it was bonanza for everyone, Father Christmas, passed this way, you spy ZYX’s matriculation number and his scores are higher than yours and you feel sad and deflated…

Many times this behaviour spill over and follow you outside school…

You had no “wahala” patrolling on “Legedis Benz” and immediately you see someone you knew or know driving, your stomach turns bitter and boils…

You are happy with your comfortable small light Toyota Camry and then you see your friend patrolling on his Lexus or Mercedes SUV and you feel pity for yourself…

No way…. Wu Wu not take it… You look down on yourself and measure your worth and progress by an automobile.

You put your #200 on the offering plate, it is all you have got, and you see someone who is your peer, put several #1000 on the plate and you shiver and get angry…

Your children attend a decent school, they can read and write and are doing everything they should at their age and immediately you discuss with your friend and he tells you the millions he spends on his children’s school fees, you immediately condemn yourself and pass a vote of no confidence & retrogression on yourself.

And so you compete, compare and measure your worth based on unnecessary numbers…

And you stress yourself not necessarily on what you need, but what your mates have or do not have; and what you think you should have because they do.

You smash your head when you see pictures of them in vacation, or doing things in your world of fantasy…

Don’t kill yourself for nothing…

Don’t live your life in a cycle of unending competitions…

Be all you were created to be… And grow in your own time.

Let the great things others do motivate you and not take the wind out of your sail.

Again what do I know?

#HearWord #HearWordseries


wahala: Problem.

Legedis Benz: Having no car and walking on foot.

Wu Wu not take it: Protesting internally or externally.

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Seeking for second opinion is not weakness




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By Ovundah Nyeche

Pilate wanted to let Jesus go. So he made an appeal to the crowd again. But they kept shouting, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Pilate spoke to them for the third time. “Why?” he asked. “What wrong has this man done? I have found no reason to have him put to death. So I will just have him whipped and let him go.” But with loud shouts they kept calling for Jesus to be crucified. The people’s shouts won out.

Luke 23:20‭-‬23 NIRV

The e-mob, the online offsprings of their ancestors who cancelled Jesus…the template is same…accuse anyone of anything…accuse a man you can’t get of rape and the mob shouts, ‘crucify him’… and willing accusers show up.

Accuse a pastor of rape and killing a girl in his church and the mob shout, bloooooood, blooood we need blood…it is true…that is where he gets his power from…and willing accusers type on social media…many times things not true.

Accuse a business entity of ‘kurukere’…and come all out…cancel them…they are cancelled…accuse a rich man of doing rituals…and the mob shouts burn, destroy, scatter, steal, kill destroy.

Have a heartbreak, get upset, accuse the alleged heartbreaker of ‘Wu Wu not take it’ …flash his or her number online and tell the mob, feed them with blood…shout bloooooood, shout attack and they all go out…with no evidence, no thought, no critical reasoning, no second opinion and they go for blood…and the cycle continues.

Seeking for second opinion is not weakness… patience is not weakness… temperance is not weakness…mercy is not weakness…it seems it is weakness…until you are in front of the mob…a cockroach in the gathering of chickens.

Ponder on these words

#HearWord #ovdspeaks #HearWordseries

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Blue Tongues may spell danger.




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By Ovundah Nyeche

The tongue sometimes tells a story…

When you go for a party or an outing and you see people’s tongue blue, it is likely a pointer that drinks are laced with Rohypnol.

Rohypnol is a tranquilizer ( drug used to relieve tension and anxiety) which is 10 times more potent than valium.

It some countries it is used as a sleeping pill.

Rohypnol also is abused as a recreational, or “club” drug, often in conjunction with alcohol to provide a high.

It is used in various forms including; crushing the pills and snorting the powder, sprinkling it on weed and smoking it, dissolving it in a drink or injecting it.

It is called in the streets; roofies, date rape, forget me pill amongst other names.

When drinks are laced with Rohypnol, the person who drinks it may not know as it is odourless and tasteless and because it is a strong sedative and also associated with amnesia the victim will not remember what happened, little wonder it is called forget me pill.

It is one of the commonest cause of surprise pregnancies in young people, especially when the only thing they can remember was that they went to a party or visited someone.

Choose your friends wisely and shine your eyes.

Drugs do not pay.

Stay away from drugs!

#Hearword #OvdSpeaks #Hearwordseries

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Anger, a ‘D’ short of Danger.




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By Ovundah Nyeche

I have seen sweet people turn to incredible hulk with little or no provocation, I have seen people who their anger is like bicycle, ‘e no dey hard to start’…yeah some of them believers too.

I have seen people leave a church program in high spirit, blessed and inspired and boom minutes later fight violently with other people, for almost no reason at all…I have seen people turn red with little or no provocation.

I have seen people have their weddings called off because of misplaced outbursts of anger publicly exposed due to the planning stress. I have seen brethren turn their wives to punching and kicking bags and I have seen wives turn their husbands to punching and scratching bags.

And many time help is closer than many people think.

It is good to pray and fast, make up and make decisions to change, but when it
‘Told in Gath, Proclaimed in the streets of Ashkelon— and the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, and the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph’ that you are an atomic bomb looking for where and on whom to explode, it is vital to seek help quickly.

Fortunately help is available, as you pray and fast, it is not unscriptural to seek medical help…to seek Psychiatric help…to begin cognitive behavioral therapy and medications where necessary.

Mental health issues are not wished away, or watered down by ice cream, a new bag, a gift, a hug or make up sex, alcohol or recreational drugs.

Seek help, before you destroy important pillars in your life.

HearWord #ovdspeaks #HearWordseries

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