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By Ovundah Nyeche.

Eagles are majestic birds and soar, but eagles also need to feed; and many times their food is found lower down, and down may include streams and rivers.

With a great vision, eagles can sight fishes taking a swim on the surface and with great speed they can fly down to catch these fish for food.However, vision no matter how clear and distinct, does not mean there will be no opposition or challenges. Not all soups are like “Okro” soup in the throat.

For the eagle hunting for fish is not always straightforward as the fish also struggles for survival and does everything to break free from the grip of the eagles sharp talons.

Though the eagle is a master of the air, it is also a good swimmer able to adapt to different terrains.

One feature I would like to write about this morning is “Tenacity”.

Tenacity is holding on until your objectives are achieved.

Tenacity or persistent determination is the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; it is firmness of purpose.

Eagles don’t give up easily.

In a clip, an eagle was holding onto a fish quite big, a fish it could obviously not fly away with. The normal thing, I would have expected was for it to leave the fish,but no, it had other plans, it held on to the fish and dragged it to the shore.

And at the shore, it ate the fish. I can’t fly away with you, but I can eat you.

Don’t give up on life easily.

Don’t allow yourself to be called a failure so easily.

Don’t allow those negative names and expectations on your life by others stick.

In a book co-authored with a business expert, long before he became president of the USA, Donald Trump, narrated how he chased a contract for about 17 whopping years, despite numerous setbacks, he finally got the contract, but ended by saying… How many people can chase a contract for 17 years? Few I guess… That’s why there are few billionaires.

For me, I spoke with a mentor yesterday, and I heard from him how he pursued a project for several years even when it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel, but finally God gave it to him.

In your prayers do you give up easily? Do you downgrade your dreams to something smaller, to something very small, to something manageable because you do not see light at the end of the tunnel?

Do you write yourself off because of few dots?

Do you look down on yourself because…..?

Hold on… I hear a sound of abundance of rain.


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    February 1, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Amazing piece


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    February 18, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Thanks for this

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      February 19, 2018 at 4:22 am

      Thank you so much for your feedback

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    April 4, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Thank you Sir

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      May 2, 2018 at 2:17 am

      Thank you so much for your feedback

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      June 19, 2018 at 3:38 pm

      You are welcome

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What do you have in your hands?





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By Ovundah Nyeche.

The woman that sells bole, yam and fish (roasted plantain, yam and fish) around where I work has our about 4 employees working for her.

She has different grades of fish and “fish head”. The ones on the right cost more than the ones on the left, she also adds sliced African oil bean seed on request at a price, to her gravy sauce.

Her stand attracts a lot of customers and in my estimation which is modest, she goes home daily with profit of nothing less than #20,000 and if you multiply it by 28 days, you will discover that she is not playing at all.

Truly speaking, your white collar job, will likely bow in obeisance to her charcoal stained hands and smoky cloth.

Even if I am a Parishioner in her Diocese, I don’t let her good afternoon or good evening sir deceive me ? ? ?. She is the boss.

In other news,

The irony of these pictures below of a lady selling food with a wheelbarrow which has gone viral is that I won’t be surprised if she is interviewed by a big media agency and she in this era of eye service, won’t also be surprised if she is given a grant to take her business to the next level


Start something, start somewhere…

See a need and meet it…

Open your eyes, there are opportunities begging for attention everywhere…

From dirt, to traffic, to food, to juice… Open your eyes

Stop starving in the midst of your ideas… “Make shame no kill you on top hunger”.

What do you have in your hands? You may call it an ordinary rod, but that may be what will part your Red sea.



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Running your race





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By Ovundah Nyeche.

And let us run, with patience the race that is set before us…


In a world with so much pressure…

Pressure to be…

Pressure to become…

Pressure to being…

Pressure to arrive…

Pressure to remain…

Pressure to live the life, being portrayed to be the life…

Pressure to show your toys…

Pressure to be among…

Pressure to show you are among the crème de la crème or to hang around those who are…

It is important to “Selah”…


It is important to ask yourself questions…

Why am I doing, what I am doing?

Why am I living my life based on the likes, shares, tweets and retweets?

Why am I basing my happiness on things?

Why am I living my life like a competition?

Why do I feel sad, when my friends have coins, but I have an empty pocket?

Why do I feel happier, when I am relatively doing better than people around me?

Why do I live in debt, just to prove an unnecessary point?

Why does my heart skip a beat, when I see people, I feel I am better than, having that perfect life on social media, when I can’t even figure out where I am?

Why do I sense a feeling of defeat, when I see them snap those gorgeous pictures in their car, while I just got splashed with water, as I tried to navigate my way hopping from taxi to taxi?

Why does chill run down my spine, when I see those beautiful pictures of my friends literally having a white Christmas… When I am white from the harmattan torture, and I am tortured just thinking about my expenses?

Why do I feel sad, when I have lived all my life an unmarried virgin, and the lady that did all kinds of runs and several abortions, is a married woman with several children?

? ? ?


... And let us run with patience, the race that is set before us…

There is a race set before us…are you still running, or you have allowed life to beat you to submission, as you lay on the track and refuse to get up.

The race was set by our maker, God…

Don’t allow life, friends, family or circumstances to set your race for you… Trust me it will be terrible…

Don’t also set races for yourself…

Unlike what many think, life is not a competition, where you compete on who finishes first… And where you pride yourself with the often used phrase “I got it before my friends… I am the man or the woman”…

Ensure the race you are in, is that which was set by the Lord…

Also, life is not a sprint… Or “sharp sharp” …it is not a dash.

The race is a race of patience…

A little here, a little there…

Keep running…

Stay on track…

Stay on your lane…

Make sure you are running in the race set for you and not on another’s race or track…

Don’t live your life… Doing needless competitions…

The Joy of the Lord is your strength…

Be all God created you to be…

And gauge your progress, not by others, but by the race set before you…by what God would want you to do.


Jesus loves you… Give your life to Him today…

#hearword #OvdSpeaks #hearwordseries

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Fatal Imitation





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By Ovundah Nyeche.

Trends, trendy, trending…

Just go on Twitter or even Facebook, an “influenza” types #BumBum and boom it trends and almost everyone, even those who would not normally shout or tweet about this will just follow…

An “influenza” says “oya” everyone sample this or that and those who would naturally frown at this join in the craze…Many people are moved primarily by what others do…

Many people live to trend, trends.

Little wonder when someone “blows” or “hammers” doing something, it is not strange seeing a lot of people doing likewise.


Be careful about the kind of groups you join on WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media networking sites…

Be careful about the kind of people you follow online.

Be careful about the kind of sects or philosophies you imbibe online.

Be careful about following people who always shout doom, gloom and disaster and emphasize about the hopelessness of life.

Be careful about drinking from well of those who always shout that life has no meaning and living serves no purpose.

Be careful about following people who pride and relish posting about disaster, violence and vices.

This may look like just talk.


But not too long ago, there was the fire challenge. Everyone who is sane knows fire burns, everyone who is sane knows fire can wreck havoc and yes it can even cause fatal injuries, but no…

The intent of this challenge I will never understand, but some people followed the trend regardless of the consequences and that was it…

Also there have been outrage over a number of other games and challenges, which took lives, after encouraging people to take their lives..

The power of Imitation…

Mind who you follow and listen to…

Your life is so precious…

So so precious…

That Jesus had to become flesh…

That Jesus had to pay the full price…

Just for you…

Jesus Loves you, you are not alone.

#selah #hearword #OvdSpeaks

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