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Family Circle

When fun is spelt as m-u-r-d-e-r.



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By Ovundah Nyeche.

A crowd was gathering outside a family house, they were attracted by the loud scream from a female occupant of the house. At the last check, this was billed to be a family get-together; the scene in the house though was pathetic and gory. Young and old, male and female, adults and children lay in the pool of their own blood, blood was flowing freely from their throats and a body count showed that 15 members of that particular household were all dead. The lone survivor was the female whose screams attracted the surging crowd.

She was visibly shaking, crying and in deep anguish, authorities could not even ask her any question, she had injuries in the upper part of her throat and was rushed to the hospital, for further evaluation and treatment of the injuries she sustained.  The murderer was indeed a family member and her elder brother. He was well read and a chartered accountant, he was calm, friendly and not in any obvious financial troubles or dispute. He was described by his neighbours as being a very nice guy and a man that have never had a quarrel or fight with anybody in the neighbourhood.

Like a green snake in a green grass, he waited to strike when they least expected. They had all gathered to have dinner and when no one was watching, like a snake waiting to strike its prey, he laced their food with strong sedatives, after which when they went into a deep sleep he bolted all the doors in the house and used a butcher’s knife to slit their throats. The deceased included 8 children, his wife, his 3 sisters and his parents; his three-month old daughter was one of the victims of this carnage.

After he had committed this abominable act, the coward who could not face the consequences of his actions, hung himself. Who murders members of his own family? This man just did. Television footage showed men lifting the bodies of the victims wrapped in white sheets into the back of a waiting ambulance, as crowds gathered outside the white-walled home.

This was breaking news, in almost all international Television news stations and was also on Local Television stations. It was also on the radio and was trending all over social media and on the internet. The news was very depressing and as Max drove to work in the morning he heard the news on radio.  His friend was seated on the front seat of his car and they both cussed out on the man; they concluded he was a lunatic.

Max’s wife was a teacher and when she got to the school; her fellow teachers were talking about this in the teachers’ lounge. The students were also talking about this as well. In the assembly ground as well the message was centered on the 10 commandments and the speaker concentrated on “Thou shalt not kill” and he also made reference to the man who murdered members of his family. Many students and teachers were visibly shading tears as he spoke.

Coincidentally when Max entered his office, his colleagues were talking about this as well. Max blasted this man ‘He must be a lunatic’ he asserted, His colleague branded the man a bastard and a loser. Everyone had an offensive name for this man, and the man deserved any name he was called. It was ‘foul word’ day at work and Max was vocal in his disgust for the man “what kind of man is this, he must be a loser and he is not a real man” he finally said.

Just then he got a Whatsapp message from a beautiful Amalakite he met in a bar three weeks ago, He smiled sheepishly as he looked at her sexy pictures, she was the real deal. She had a better curve than an hour glass, her hairs were cleaner and flowed like the mane of a well groomed and exotic horse, her teeth were chiseled from the finest rocks and were coloured like a glass of milk, her skin shone brighter than a newly polished shoe, spotless, She was surely created after God rested, She was softer than a bread fresh from the oven, hotter than fire and cleaner than a chilled glass of water from the warm Springs of Ikogosi.

Her message gladdened his heart, he felt so lucky and smart to have her. “She must be missing me after our moment alone last week Friday” Max said to himself. Max had told his pregnant wife that he had an official appointment that will keep him away from home throughout the weekend. “You know I have to work hard to take care of our baby and you”. She helped him pack his travelling bag as he left the house in the morning; it was going to be another weekend without her darling husband at home.

Unlike his new catch, Max’s wife was lazy, blotted, sluggish and always needed his attention. He had already booked a hotel for the whole weekend, for their dark fellowship and Candy had checked in since the previous day, and nothing was going to make him miss this immoral fellowship. ‘I work so hard to make my money, and nobody has a right to tell me how to spend it, I am a man’, He said to himself. He smiled again as he saw her recent message.

Candy was new to these parts and barely knew Max, but was very familiar with men like Max.  Her last catch still pays over Three hundred thousand Naira  to her account monthly, not to talk of the several transfers he makes when she threatens to blackmail him. She was indeed a predator, an Amalakite well dressed for battle and her look and poise were directly opposite to who she was, she was a shrewd and deadly operator.

She had all the photographs of their escapades and in one click it could land on his wife’s phone or on the Internet, she could also send his pictures to his office. She was also HIV and Hepatitis C positive and was on drugs for her condition. She had Max on the palms of her hands, even though Max felt she was his catch, Max was actually her catch. He was a prey attracted by her charm and beauty.

Max could not wait for his day to end at work, so he could maximize the weekend with Candy. The hotel room for their clandestine meeting was wired, with hidden cameras put in the background by Candy.  He had planned to do all his heart desired with Candy and he shivered anytime he heard her name.

Just like before, unknown to him, she would play her part to infect him, she never had in mind to suffer from HIV and Hepatitis alone, Max will have to pay for his stupidity at some point in time and his wife and unborn child will also share in his stupidity.

Poor Max, if only he knew he was not different from the man he and his colleagues mocked and castigated today, if only he knew he was doing the same thing the man did. If only he knew by his actions and inaction he was attracting a crowd to his house. Poor Max may not have sedated his family and slit their throats with a butcher’s knife like the man on the news, but he was executing his whole family.

#HearWord #HearWordSeries #SexualPurity

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Family Circle

The Parable of the Forgotten Shoes




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By Benjamin Dike

So this was how I was dressed in church today!

Forgot my shoes? No. My wife did. Before you think my wife practically slaves for me, she doesn’t. She is actually the boss; I live in her house. So here is what happened.

We had got set for church and I was carrying things to the car. As I stooped to pick my shoes (I don’t like driving with my shoes on if I can help it), she offered to help me bring the shoes to the car.

I pulled out the car and we drive to church. Then I asked her for my shoes. Now you already know the response. She had forgotten the shoes at home. First, I ‘froze’. This was quite serious. I can’t go home to get the shoes. Home is on the Island; Church is on the mainland. Then I was about saying, But I wanted to pick the shoes and you … (Yeah, at least I should blame her). But one look at her stopped me in my tracks. She looked so subdued and beaten like a little child.

This woman is one of the most meticulous persons I know. I can keep something somewhere in her absence and will later forget where I kept it. My only hope is my wife or the Holy Spirit (when she is not available). I will just tell her that I am looking for so and so and she will either tell me where it is or she will go find it. So, one look at Madam Meticulous, I felt enormous pity (or was it compassion) well up inside me. She obviously had no bad intentions. Things just happen sometimes.

I chuckled and told her not to worry. My mood shifted immediately. It was now a sense of excitement to dress up in my nice suit – with a slipper on! I will look different, I told myself. And I will leave people guessing – that is if they even notice! (Often we forget that people are busy focusing on themselves that they may not even notice the shoes you are wearing).

I started looking forward to it. Then I asked myself, what has my dressing got to do with my worship after all? Wow! It felt so liberating. It was a powerful deliverance from human expectations and convention. It was a refocusing on what really matters. Perhaps, it’s really my heart that matters, my heart that God cares about, not merely the outer trappings. Don’t get me wrong, proper dressing is proper – when you can help it! But now, I couldn’t help it. And I wasn’t about to ruin my day and my worship on the altar of a ‘forgotten shoes’.

Meanwhile, my wife was still deeply beaten and looking for how to fix the ‘mess’. She got one of my young men to go home and get me his shoes. But I flatly refused. I was just fine. Sometimes a little bit of mischief can spice up life. And I was loving the mischief of a suit with some marching slippers!

So here are 4 quick lessons that came to mind

1) How you live your day is a choice – joy or ruin.

2) Sometimes, people don’t wrong you because they are bad. It’s just because they are people – they can fail.

3) What if we were to judge people by their true intentions and not their actions. Maybe we will have better relationships. The reality is that we often judge people by their actions while we judge ourselves by our intentions.

4) What you see as a problem is what becomes a problem. A messy situation is really a matter of interpretation.

My friends, trust me, I had a very beautiful time in church today – shoes or no shoes. So, focus on what’s important and free yourself from the needless clutter than ruin your fun in life.

Choose to enjoy your life, mbok!

Benjamin C. Dike, PhD

Benjamin is the executive Chairman of Joshua Leadership Project. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom and a Doctorate degree in Credit Management from the  International University of Panama. Benjamin is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and a Fellow of both the Institute of Credit Administration and the Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria. A prolific and insightful writer, he has several published works, including God of My Right Hand and EveryDay Leadership.

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Family Circle

Don’t Fake it, Face it…




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By Ovundah Nyeche.

Few days ago, I called a friend on phone and told him I needed to see him urgently. We had fixed meetings several times in the past, but work and other things prevented these from holding. This time however, the meeting had to hold.

He breathed heavily when he picked up the phone, and asked me, ‘Ovd did my wife call you?’, a question I did not answer. In response I told him we should meet the following day at a particular venue for a man-to-man talk.

The day of the meeting came and we sat down, man-to-man, brother-to-brother. We talked, no holds barred and at the end, he said ‘Bro, I did not see this stuff in this light, I feel very sorry. I have to make peace’. He left the meeting much better than he came, and he made commitments to stop the offence that caused the issue and immediately ended all appointments and made plans to go home to his wife.

I smiled. I have also been on the hot seat, one call to mentors or friends when I no dey hear word and I am put in my place and vice versa. No, my own relationship is not without its own challenges.

I called to follow up later on my friends and it was as though a problem that had lasted years had disappeared, and the smiles and number of ‘Thank yous’ on the other side of the phone was enough to build a flyover.

This is why I shake my head when I see couples build their home on the erroneous maxim ‘a third party must never know what is happening in your home’. This sounds nice, sweet and motivational but in many cases it backfires.

Sassy and Lassy are breaking up after 1 year in marriage and you ask to know what the issue is or was and you find out they are issues that if they were sorted out in time would not have resulted in the mountain or chasm that the problem now looks like or if counsel was sought on time they would have found out that they were not the only ones who had that issue, and it is actually not an issue if faced with wisdom.

Unsurprisingly, many things people face are not unique and many times not novel.

This journey is too important to isolate yourself from wise counsel and from people that can make you accountable, people that can mentor you and guide you in the right path.

Today Hear Word and do the right thing.

Today Hear Word and invest in the right relationships.

Today Hear Word and be intentional about the success of your marriage.

Today Hear Word and suffocate needless problems.

Today, Hear Word.

Hearword #ovdspeaks #HearWordSeries

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Family Circle

House Rent Palaver.




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By Ovundah Nyeche.

When you get married, apart from your children school fees, one issue that will talk to you every year/season, if you stay in a country like Nigeria and you don’t have your property, stay in your organization’s accommodation, or have your accommodation sorted out by your organization, is the issue of house rent.

Yes, house rents speaks so loud…and house rents can cause family problems if not tackled with wisdom, reality and the truth.

As a couple, it is important you tell yourself basic truths about your finances and plan accordingly.

Yes your ‘levels’ may be saying GRA or Peter Odili road or Banana Island, but what does your pocket say? Knowing that in 12 months time, the house rent bell will ring again…and for unexplained reasons it is usually easier to pay the first rent than subsequent ones in many cases.

Like someone advised your yearly house rent should not be more than 20% of your yearly income or yearly profi and trust me ‘e no easy to bring out’ the whole rent at once, so it may be wisdom to save monthly for it. So if you can’t bring out (let’s say your house rent is #1,000,000 yearly) #100,000 monthly comfortably, it may be very difficult to pay the #1,000,000 at once and it may be a pointer, that you are living above your means.

May the Lord grant us wisdom and may you not live your life on other people’s impression about you…or plan your budget based on the circle of friends you belong to. All fingers are not equal, even if they are part of the same hand.

Telling yourselves basic truths, can save your family a whole lot of headache…yes, life is not always straight forward and hard times and emergencies can sometimes come unannounced, but to the best of your abilities, be truthful to yourselves.

Like a proverb says “No look another person pot of soup, do garri”…’e go shock you’.

May wisdom lead you.

#HearWord #ovdspeaks #HearWordseries

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