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By Ovundah Nyeche.

Doctor: Madam good morning, sure you are fine and how is your health?

Patient: I am fine doctor, but my leg, the wound refuses to go, this wound has been here since last year and all treatments have proved useless, even your treatment?

Doctor: Well that was the reason, I came to see you. Is this a conducive time to talk, are you okay with me talking here, and do you need any family member around while I talk?

Patient: Yes, my husband.

Husband enters the scene and sits on a chair brought for him.

Doctor: Madam, we have done everything medically possible to ensure that we save your leg and we have run a couple of tests and our latest test show that the artery supplying your foot is severely compromised and is no longer bringing adequate blood to your foot.

Husband: Doctor, stop speaking in riddles.

Doctor: Having exhausted all regular treatment options, I would strongly advise you to consider an amputation of the limb to prevent further complications.

Husband stands up, pacing about…Wife talks to herself.

Patient and Husband: God forbid, back to sender, evil people will not rejoice over us.

Well it required, several counselling sessions, before the patient accepted to amputate her foot and she is better for it. She is alive and moving on with life and if you do not observe carefully, you would not notice she is on prosthesis.

Many others who refuse even when it is obvious, they are suffering from the complications of having a dead or dangerous limb pay with their lives.

Today, my focus is on singles, in dead and or dangerous relationships, but still dragging the relationship forward by all means.

Courage, you must take a shot of this as you step into 2018. No one wants to live in uncertainty, no one likes being in situations where questions asked cannot be answered. No one wants to live in situations where all things are not figured out.

In a relationship, no one likes to invest time and then find out time and resources were invested in the wind. No one loves to sample, sample and sample and then when it is time to be sampled, they are told the sample is out of stock.

Young lady, young man, as the year winds down, take stock of your relationship. What direction is it heading towards? You cannot be headed towards Port Harcourt and your relationship is heading towards Sokoto and you wishfully think everything will just normalize. You cannot be in a relationship where both of you do not even know what direction it is headed and you both think somehow, everything would fall in place.

You cannot be in a relationship with someone that abuses you emotionally and makes you to feel worthless and useless to an extent the person becomes a pill you must take to feel useful again. You cannot be in a relationship where you are used as a practice punching bag for your partner as he prepares for a future phantom match with Floyd Mayweather.

You cannot be in a relationship with a young man, who is a push and start…He does not take any initiative until you make sure “Newton’s first law of motion” happens to him. Without pushing, and many times nagging with your mouth or waist he cannot start anything. You cannot be in a relationship primarily to win people’s approvals.

You cannot be in a relationship where cheating is explained away either by threat, false beliefs, warped trends or wishfully thinking he or she would get better once they pop the question. You cannot use sex as a weapon to trap any person or force them to commit to you.

You cannot be in a relationship where you are virtually in a competition with myriads of ladies and gentlemen and your primary joy or motivation, is that you want to be the last man or woman standing.

And eeeeeeem, you cannot be in a relationship, where you have lost your peace and all your internal alarm bells are ringing nonstop, even when you have done virtually everything to muffle their sound.


As this year comes to an end, it is a time to be courageous and to make decisions that would be beneficial to you and God in the long run…and some of these decisions would involve an amputation.

Receive wisdom and courage to make next year count…Let it go.

God bless you loads.


#HearWord #HearWordSeries

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    January 7, 2018 at 10:20 pm

    Nicely said.. enjoyed this write up and was truly blessed by it. Too much sampling dampens the full experience God has waiting for you in the first place

    • Avatar


      January 7, 2018 at 10:21 pm

      Thank you for your feedback.

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Family Circle

Two can walk together forever…





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By Ovundah Nyeche.

In all thy getting, don’t break your marriage or enter marital problems because of things you read on social media.

All these you are so brave, na so, if it is me… I will not take it… Nonsense man or woman… If he does it, I will do him/her back… Men and women must be put in their place, meniscus, womeniscus, et al… May not be the best for you.

It is also important to note that, people who pour and fire, fire on social media, may not be what they fire in real life…also it is important not to build your marriage on templates that may be faulty.

Like football, great coaches, have a plan or tactics to use, but adapt with the game at hand… Great coaches know when to go for possession and when to concede possession…they know goals and not stats win matches.

As a Christian, my allegiance is to the Word of God, and it guides my relationship with my spouse.

You ginger all the ginger and the word of God, reminds you, O boy, you no try, O boy just look your face for mirror, see that plank wey dey your eyes… 😂 😂 😂 And boom you want to drag leg… But the word of God is not your mate… And you obey and get back your peace…

Like I tell those I tell… Marriage is not war, it is not male vs female… It is not pishim pishim … But a deliberate union, where a man and his wife makes a decision together surmount any challenge and be all what God has destined for them …

If both of you agree to #hearword and both bring 💯 into the union, not 50-50, both of you are vulnerable and open to yourself in your union and ditch the “do you know who I am” or “I did you a favour by marrying you” 😂 😂 😂 and are willing to make your marriage work irrespective of the normal stresses of the relationship… Where both of you look out for the good of your spouse and are willing to walk and work it out to success…

Marriage is a full time job… Don’t allow social media deceive you, it requires investment and thought in the direction you wish it to take… marriage is a wonderful thing…

Everyday airplanes take off and land… Ironically it is the planes that crash or have turbulence that make news… Everyday cars go on long distance journeys and arrive, but it is those that crash or have a mishap that make news…Ships also leave ports and arrive at their destinations, but again, disaster makes more news.
Don’t allow crashes define or determine the mood of your journey…who goes for a journey and is preoccupied about a crash.

It will work out, it is working out… If you are not hearing word in any area of your life be it anger, infidelity, violence, et al … Go and seek for help and don’t commonize it… Get accountable… Invest in knowledge…fix self… Do all you can to make your marriage work.

#selah #hearword #OvdSpeaks #hearwordseries

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Hear Word, from a book reviewer’s eyes…





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By Grace Ngozi Onyebuolise.

A subject can be difficult but if your teacher knows how to use humor and is really good at what he or she does, learning that subject would be easy.

It is one reason I can’t forget my teacher who taught me physics in secondary school.
He could teach, he was funny and ensured we learnt each topic very well.

Real life issues and making choices can be tough. We seem to know the right decision to make but are lured to do the opposite because we find it really pleasurable and being reactive doesn’t require so much energy when compared to being proactive and getting our emotions under control.

In simple, funny, sarcastic, rhetorical but yet beautiful short stories, Doctor Ovundah Nyeche takes us through life lessons on various topics; relationship, sex matters, marriage, failure, personal development, health, character development, friendship and many more.

This book seems small but laced with beautiful short stories that leaves you smiling and telling yourself, “This word enter.”

Most stories are drawn from his personal experiences like the ones found on Pages 69 and 70 titled, Equip Yourself and More Than Papers. While some, like ‘Legend Of The Chaser’ are fictional.

Because of the size of the book, your 8year old may think it’s a book they can read but please, don’t oblige them yet. They are not yet strong to handle stories like Legend Of The Chaser. 😂😂😂😂.

This work is beautifully written. You would find yourself postponing and reading a chapter at a time because of the author’s creative writing style but please, read to the end as a repeat still feels like a first read.

My most enjoyable part of the reading was the chapter that opened my eyes to see this scripture “We know no man after the flesh” in a better and new light.

And like my picture below, the world would present many things to you that would be filled paradox , but choose to Hear Word and zoom in to read a tiny book filled with wisdom to help your life choices.

I am also proud to announce that this wonderful book got it’s creative cover from the amazing designer, Onuora Onianwa
and he can make one for you if you are writing or planning to write a book.

Book Title : Hear Word.

To purchase this book, please do connect with its author, Ovundah Nyeche on Facebook or click the link below if you wish to get a copy delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.


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I just read my copy of Hear Word.





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By Dr. Adimea Obed.

I decided to practically Hear Word this morning.

My Chief Dr. Ovundah Nyeche ‘finished work’ in this sensational wisdom of the century wrapped in short relatable stories. All in one book

Mixed with enough humour in his characteristic manner that will leave your laughing and learning.

The book contains too much knowledge for the ‘shikini’ money it goes for.

It is divided into 6 parts made up of many short sweet stories.

1)Love sex and marriage ( 17 stories)
2)Leaders of tomorrow (9 stories)
3)Learn, Unlearn, Relearn. ( 4 stories).
4)Pause, Think and Do ( 6 Stories)
5)Social Media etiquette ( 6 stories)
6)Where there is a Doctor. (10 stories)

Tell me why you should not read this book this year?

As a doctor that I am, I couldn’t help but notice an interesting Story in part 6.
Chapter 48
Topic: Diabetes and power failure… can you imagine😂? You must read that story oh.

Final thought there was. It is only wise to listen to your doctor. If you know you will eventually go to the hospital, then just go there first.

This book shall win awards. Note that I told you that first.

Get you own copy from Dr Ovundah Nyeche, too much wisdom.

When OVD speaks l listen.

#HearWord #OVD.

PS To get your paperback copy of Hear Word delivered to you any where in Nigeria you can click the link below.

Or get it on the Okadabooks app

Or via amazon for kindle readers on

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Copyright © 2019 Dr. Ovundah Nyeche, All Rights Reserved.

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