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Sexual Purity




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Dare has spent 6 years of her life with Phillips. Dare started dating Phillips in school and pretty soon moved to Phillips room in school. Pretty soon, she was going for lectures from his, sorry their room. What better way to do her Industrial Training ( I. T.) in home management and husband maintenance. She was his wife, yeah effectively. She gave to him all wives, give to their husbands.

Phillip was abusive, yeah verbally… Whenever he got angry… He called her all sought of names. She felt so worthless whenever she was with him. But she validated her worth being with him, and satisfying him on bed. When verbal assault could not cower her into submission. He physically ‘panel beat’ her to remove every dent of insubordination. Several times she had threatened to leave him, and in fact moved over to her friends’ place but like ants flocking towards sugar she somehow always found her way back to him.

They won the Faculty Couple of the Year award… Back to Back to Back… They were the ideal campus couples.

Just 6 months ago ; she left the doctor’s room promising herself she will not tamper with her pregnancy again. Well that was what she has always said and this was the 6th time she was saying this. What was his excuse again… ‘He said he was not ready’.

Her academic performance went down faster than the crude oil price when Philips came into her life. She was indeed ashamed of the grade she left school with. They were done with school 2 years ago and Phillips was doing better financially than in those years.

His attitude though had not changed. Still verbally and physically abusive. ‘I will pray for him to change, there is nothing God cannot do’. In her heart of hearts she knew Phillips was not entirely hers. He had the tendency to always help himself out, a little here a little there. She had given up monitoring his text messages, WhatsApp messages and his Facebook messenger.

She knew she was headed towards the wrong direction but her mind was fixated on what people would say. ” They will mock me if I leave him. No one will marry me if he leaves me. I have put in so much to just let go. I won’t do another abortion again, if it’s in, I will use it to make him stay in”. She said to herself.

She woke up this morning shaken. In her dream she boarded a bus, she thought was headed to Rumuji Town but on getting to Rumuokoro the bus diverted and was heading towards Omagwa. She noticed the bus was going in the wrong direction.

She then summoned courage and asked the conductor where the bus was heading to…Owerri of course he shouted, ‘you no hear when I shout Owerri for Bus stop’. The bus had to be stopped, and she boarded another one that was going where she intended to go.

Was God speaking to her? How come she retraced her steps in a dream but could not have the courage to retrace her steps in the journey of life.

Someone tell Dare she is moving so fast but in the wrong direction.

Someone tell Dare the best time to stop, when you are headed towards a broken bridge is now.

Someone tell Dare she is looking for love in the wrong places, and that her maker loved her so much and died for her.

Someone talk to Dare, someone show Dare what love looks like.

Dare Jesus loves you.

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Sexual Purity

Hold Your Fire




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By Ovundah Nyeche.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt while in Christian leadership in school is that your sins will eventually find you out; try all you can, hide all you wish, sexual sin has a way of cropping out and many times cropping out when you least expect. For me God knew my path and saw years ahead and helped me earlier on, and he still does today.

During my pre-degree in university, I came into school fresh with plans, but somehow I was housed in a room, well a Christian fellowship room; and I was privileged to stay in that room for one year.

The room housed the fellowship president, an ex-president and two future presidents of the fellowship. I learnt first-hand a lot of things, saw character, integrity, openness and accountability; ‘Wetyn you wan hide?’ The corners were improperly separated by cotton cubicles, somehow privacy was not really privacy…In fact I could never eat my akara and bread (A&B) in secrecy and peace, without the aroma filtering to all the corners of the small room.

I also learnt how to relate with sisters, ‘Na wah you’…Yes though I have 2 biological sisters, but most of my secondary school days were in the confines of an all-boys catholic seminary.

 In that one year and the years that followed, I learnt that:

  • Everything we do is open before God, everything- He sees everything as in everything and He even knows our deepest thoughts and motive behind all our actions. My logic then was would you do something bad, if you knew your action was being projected live in a stadium filled with people, who counted and looked up to you. The answer now and then remains the same- No. For me God was so present, so real and so close to me and I could not hide anything from Him.
  •  No matter how anointed you are, what runs through your veins and arteries is blood laden with hormones and not olive oil or anointing oil, before the appellation man of God, you are a man. Also no matter how anointed a man is, if it is not coupled with discipline, the man is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right set of people, it matters people, it truly matters. No matter how strong you are, you need to surround yourself with men who will encourage you to be strong and tell you what you need to hear, not necessary what you want to hear. People you can be accountable to. Ever read the Greek folklore Odyssey and the sirens? The sirens were mythical creatures depicted as seductively beautiful women, famed for their beautiful and enchanting voice which lured sailors to their island leading to their shipwreck and destruction.
  • Odyssey the hero of the story was warned about them as his ship was about to coast through the sea close to their island. In obedience to the warning, he plugged the ears of his men with beeswax, and asked them to tie him firmly to the mast of the ship, with an instruction that they should never release him no matter how much he begged. In fact he told them, if he begged too much, they should get him tied more. So as the sirens sang, his men never heard their beautiful and seductive voice and as Odyssey heard their voice and screamed, begged and struggled to be released to go to the sirens, he was even bound tighter to the mast, as they all eventually sailed to safety. It is in your best interest to create a system of accountability, you need the right people around you.
  • The importance of not staying alone in private with someone of the opposite sex you are not married or related to, no matter the reason. Never place on your path situations that can make you to compromise. It is not in your best interest attending to emotional issues in private. Also, lust or whatever name we choose to call it does not need to be cuddled…Flee from lust, don’t flee towards it.
  • The importance of knowing the word of God for yourself and allowing it sink into your spirit. You never know when these words would come in handy, when the suggestions from the flesh is too loud. Like Paul writes, ‘Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.’ What are you sowing, and who are you pleasing? Think on these things.
  • I learnt the importance of dealing with my eyes, yes oh…your eyes can put you in trouble, big trouble. I learnt the not more than ‘One look rule’, and o boy it was useful. No matter the package, if my eyes catches it the first time and my hormones shout on top of their voice for me to focus on what is exciting them, the brain tells the eyes not to have another look.  Also, apart from systematically moping, the importance of staying away from all forms of pornography whether soft or hard core cannot be overemphasized. We should never grow to the point where pornography scenes in movies, music videos, songs, magazines, on social media etc. mean nothing to us. Hello, dirty movies creates a rut in the mind that railroads us into sexual compromise and sin.
  • You will never mature spiritually to the point you are too strong to watch porn. Like the wise King Solomon advised ‘Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.’ Truly speaking, what you watch and listen to today is an investment, and you would cash it someday and many times the return of investment is very high.
  • No one would care if I was tempted; no one would know I was minding my business, when I saw something lying on my bed oh…’You would have stood even though the mountain came to you,’ I would have heard…No one would mind if she was scantily dressed and threw herself on me…No one would listen to me when I try to explain it was a naked lady that held me tightly and I wanted to retaliate…no one would understand and none of these excuses would sell. All the news will be on how a Christian leader was wasted by a waist not his.
  • Staying in sin would bring shame to the body of Christ and bring shame to all who depend on me.

Tell yourself the truth, if you lay your hands on someone and something inside of you is reacting hungrily, or you give a hug and you immediately jump from neutral to gear 5; Or you look and yeah she is beautiful, not your wife and your body reacts; Just know you are human and you have no business staying alone with someone of the opposite sex you are not married to …even if it is for counselling, prayers, watching war room, or taking communion.

If you are having issues with controlling your sexual desires and appetite, but you are in Christian leadership, know your soul is more important than your position …step down, seek discipline/ discipleship, seek help, protect others and yourself.

Charisma, being gifted and being in public exposes you to a lot… seek counselling, seek medical help, avoid triggers and seek God.

It will be more painful and terrible for you to lead people astray, who you were supposed to lead to the master.

Let me end with Paul’s advice,Don’t let sexual sin, perversion of any kind, or greed even be mentioned among you. This is not appropriate behavior for God’s holy people. It’s not right that dirty stories, foolish talk, or obscene jokes should be mentioned among you either. Instead, give thanks to God You know very well that no person who is involved in sexual sin, perversion, or greed (which means worshiping wealth) can have any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.’

Thank you for reading, would love to get a feedback from you in the comment section, or send me a private message by clicking and filling the contact form.

God bless you loads.

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Sex: The Naked Truth, through my eyes…




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By Excel Agoziem.

So I got to know Dr. Ovundah Nyeche on Facebook. I always found myself reading his beautiful posts. So, after he published Sex, the Naked Truth, I got an autographed copy directly from him and had an amazing read.

This book carries so much of Dr’s God-given wisdom, being a balanced combination of God’s standard for sexual relations, embedded in stories and actual life experiences.

While I initially thought it had teenagers as target audience, when I began reading, I found that I needed it as much, (everyone does) and even parents as well, for the sake of their children.

Sex, the Naked Truth, first teaches that it is God who made sex and all kinds of pleasures, so just as a manufacturer has his user manuals of everything invented by him, so God has His own guidelines on what He made. Yea, of course He made sex.

This book will open your eyes to various truths and expose certain repercussions of not having it God’s way- those consequences you know aren’t all there are, get this book and you will be amazed at what humans expose themselves to, for not having it God’s way.

You will also find different people’s stories shared in it, for your instruction.

Above all, you will learn that you are a priced possession and your body isn’t yours. You will learn how to glorify God with your body.

You will learn that not everyone is being defied, (a lot of people think and say that everyone is), and that just as God had 7,000 uncorrupted prophets in the time Elijah, (Rom 11:4, 1 Kings 19:18) He still has chaste sons and daughters in this age.
You will learn self control.
and the fear of God.

PS: To get this book for yourself, children and friends, just everyone, you can click on the links below.

Or reach the author via ?


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Book Review: Emmanuel Abraye Esq.




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By Emmanuel Abraye Esq.

Sex: The Naked Truth

The postman knocked on my door on Monday morning just as I was leaving the house.

“Are you Barr. Abraye?”

“Yes, I am”

“Kindly sign here, and here”

And that’s how 20 copies of Dr Ovundah Nyeche‘s Sex: The Naked Truth got delivered to my door steps.

Why 20 copies?

Well, the reason is simple. I read the reviews, and decided I needed to read the book.

I read the book and decided more persons needed to see what I read.

Parents, if you need to teach your teenagers and young adults sex education the Christian way, and not leave it to society to instill unwholesome practices in them, this is that book.

Teenagers and young adults, if you need a book that answers all the questions in your heart about sex, this is for you.

Teenage and Youth ministers, this is that resource material you’ve been waiting for all these years.

I am available to distribute to you in Lagos.

The price is #1,500.

You can place your orders.


Calling or sending an SMS to : 08160326005

Or sending a personal message via Facebook to the link below:

Emmanuel Abraye is a lawyer, blogger, a musician,  and Author of the book “Leverage Your Blessing”.

He also serves as the President of Squared Vision International; an outreach organisation committed to directing Gospel and medical outreaches to rural communities.

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