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Nkechi was so upset, why was her Sammie like this? She had wanted a wonderful engagement party, she always dreamt of having one where her guy would surprise her, probably divide the Red Sea and there and then in the presence of the fishes and the crowd watching and holding banners, her man would kneel down, bring out a rock and put it on her finger, any finger would do.

She had dreamt of this all her life , she had watched it in movies and her best friends Stacie and Shelsea had elaborate engagement parties and as their fiancée’s knelt down, the tears that dropped from her eyes could wet the sands of Sahara Desert. She was lost in thoughts.

Sammie her guy was however not like her girlfriends’ fiancées. He was calm, private, saw no need for a public engagement and in fact was of the opinion that a girl should never be surprised about her engagement. And so one of the days he called her and together they went to shop for her ring, Sammie did not believe he should ask about for her finger size. He got her a good one and then went home with the ring in his pocket.

Whose fiancée takes his fiancé to look for her engagement ring? why can’t Sammie be creative. Sammie was loving, kind and all that she wished for except that he did not believe in a public engagement.

She got so worried, and when she told her friend Zumy who was yet to get married, Zumy said she would not take it, another Zoma said she would leave Sammie if she was in her shoes, another Zika told her it would be bad if she did not have pictures to slay on Facebook and Instagram, who does an engagement without letting the world to know? A grand engagement is one that goes viral Zika says, we will tag all them big blogs.

Surprisingly this issue was driving her crazy, the only blot in Sammie’s book was just this public engagement issue. I will show him what stuff, I am made off she said within herself, how will I not have pictures to show the world on my special day.

Her relationship with Sammie was also suffering, she no longer picked his calls and then she got a message, Stacie just informed her that her wedding was no longer holding despite her elaborate engagement party and Shelsea had been engaged for the past 2 and half years and her man had been held up in a protracted traffic.

She had thought an engagement was the measure of how cool a wedding would be like. She then called her mum who told her she did not even know what an engagement party was and that her dad who was married to her for over 30 years did not give her an engagement ring. They had a wedding and valued their vows.

Come on what was she thinking; she had told herself that she would reject his proposal. And so months ago Sammie came to pick her from work, and just before he dropped her in her house, he packed by the side of the road, brought out the ring, put in her fingers and she cried as she shouted yes, no witnesses, no paparazzi, no upload and no likes on social media.

Like Sammie told her, if he wanted a crowd he would as well have rented a cultural group with masquerades to cheer them on, they have been married for 4 months now and Sammie had been the best decision she had taken


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    July 29, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Lol hilarious

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    August 7, 2017 at 9:24 am

    She’s even fortunate to have woken up before it was too late.

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      August 12, 2017 at 8:07 am

      I’m glad she realised on time.

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    August 13, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Thank God she heard word!

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    Ojimba Nengi

    August 23, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Well, for me I really see no reason for the whole engagement jamboree… If there’s a surprise party, fine but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone I’m in a relationship with asks me to marry him because the sole aim of our relationship is to get married na… Just saying sha…
    Sometimes I just dey tire to see sisters dey cry…

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Nothing just happens…





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By Ovundah Nyeche.

Maybe one day we will have the courage to discuss about how our system enables fraud. I drive somewhere with my #2 car, and out of the blues someone who is impatient on the road who likely does not even own a car, shouts on top of his voice, “You no go carry this carton wey you dey drive commot for road!”

I decide to use public transport and someone I know who is in the same bus with me, frowns and shakes his head and mutters under his breath, “Chei see as doctor dey use public transport,na so e bad reach…Tufiakwa.’

I decide to walk, or ‘carmel’, and someone sees me and shakes his head…and those with courage say, ‘Na wah see all your mates wey start with you don build house finish, you still dey carmel…na wah oh, we need to pray against family curses oh.’

The boy without any traceable job, nor inherited properties, who does not come from a very wealthy family drives pass with a brand new Range Rover SUV, he also just bought a house in a posh area in town, and his name changes to master, as people scramble to get his attention. Those who dare ask how he suddenly came in contact with riches are branded haters, and to rub it on them, they are asked, “You did not ask of his source of poverty, but you wish to know the source of his wealth…bad belly.”

He throws Shekels on some members of his community and unexpectedly he is made a High Chief and given the title of Youth Ambassador and becomes the village/ community icon. In his religious setting, he is given a special chair and everything rises and falls on him…as young people pray to become like him and parents tell their children to become like him or be counted as failures.

Musicians fall over themselves as they compete on who would sing a better track to honour him and of course anyone who wins his attention is likely going to win the jackpot. When he goes for events, comedians and comperes alike shine more attention on him. Some ladies and the like use him as the SI unit of success and actually dump people in relationships with them, as bees flock around the new honey.

An online army is created to defend him at all cost, as many young people conclude that the only way to be recognized is to make money, and make big money irrespective of the source.

They see it, the man that steals a phone is given a long sentence, and the man that steals what generations cannot spend gets a good lawyer and obtains a plea bargain or runs to a remote country, buys their citizenship and is hailed as been too smart. They see that the law is so strong against the poor but so weak against the rich…and will do everything to be rich.

The young man also observes that in almost all settings, he can barely count the number of people honoured by individuals corporations, by communities, by government for showing or displaying integrity or a good work ethic, or for displaying or inculcating values.

Nothing just happens, are we ready to resuscitate values from coma or smother it to death;unfortunately you cannot drink garri, and vomit fried rice and chicken.

#Selah #HearWord #OvdSpeaks #HearWordSeries

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Family Circle

Two can walk together forever…





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By Ovundah Nyeche.

In all thy getting, don’t break your marriage or enter marital problems because of things you read on social media.

All these you are so brave, na so, if it is me… I will not take it… Nonsense man or woman… If he does it, I will do him/her back… Men and women must be put in their place, meniscus, womeniscus, et al… May not be the best for you.

It is also important to note that, people who pour and fire, fire on social media, may not be what they fire in real life…also it is important not to build your marriage on templates that may be faulty.

Like football, great coaches, have a plan or tactics to use, but adapt with the game at hand… Great coaches know when to go for possession and when to concede possession…they know goals and not stats win matches.

As a Christian, my allegiance is to the Word of God, and it guides my relationship with my spouse.

You ginger all the ginger and the word of God, reminds you, O boy, you no try, O boy just look your face for mirror, see that plank wey dey your eyes… ? ? ? And boom you want to drag leg… But the word of God is not your mate… And you obey and get back your peace…

Like I tell those I tell… Marriage is not war, it is not male vs female… It is not pishim pishim … But a deliberate union, where a man and his wife makes a decision together surmount any challenge and be all what God has destined for them …

If both of you agree to #hearword and both bring ? into the union, not 50-50, both of you are vulnerable and open to yourself in your union and ditch the “do you know who I am” or “I did you a favour by marrying you” ? ? ? and are willing to make your marriage work irrespective of the normal stresses of the relationship… Where both of you look out for the good of your spouse and are willing to walk and work it out to success…

Marriage is a full time job… Don’t allow social media deceive you, it requires investment and thought in the direction you wish it to take… marriage is a wonderful thing…

Everyday airplanes take off and land… Ironically it is the planes that crash or have turbulence that make news… Everyday cars go on long distance journeys and arrive, but it is those that crash or have a mishap that make news…Ships also leave ports and arrive at their destinations, but again, disaster makes more news.
Don’t allow crashes define or determine the mood of your journey…who goes for a journey and is preoccupied about a crash.

It will work out, it is working out… If you are not hearing word in any area of your life be it anger, infidelity, violence, et al … Go and seek for help and don’t commonize it… Get accountable… Invest in knowledge…fix self… Do all you can to make your marriage work.

#selah #hearword #OvdSpeaks #hearwordseries

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Hear Word, from a book reviewer’s eyes…





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By Grace Ngozi Onyebuolise.

A subject can be difficult but if your teacher knows how to use humor and is really good at what he or she does, learning that subject would be easy.

It is one reason I can’t forget my teacher who taught me physics in secondary school.
He could teach, he was funny and ensured we learnt each topic very well.

Real life issues and making choices can be tough. We seem to know the right decision to make but are lured to do the opposite because we find it really pleasurable and being reactive doesn’t require so much energy when compared to being proactive and getting our emotions under control.

In simple, funny, sarcastic, rhetorical but yet beautiful short stories, Doctor Ovundah Nyeche takes us through life lessons on various topics; relationship, sex matters, marriage, failure, personal development, health, character development, friendship and many more.

This book seems small but laced with beautiful short stories that leaves you smiling and telling yourself, “This word enter.”

Most stories are drawn from his personal experiences like the ones found on Pages 69 and 70 titled, Equip Yourself and More Than Papers. While some, like ‘Legend Of The Chaser’ are fictional.

Because of the size of the book, your 8year old may think it’s a book they can read but please, don’t oblige them yet. They are not yet strong to handle stories like Legend Of The Chaser. ????.

This work is beautifully written. You would find yourself postponing and reading a chapter at a time because of the author’s creative writing style but please, read to the end as a repeat still feels like a first read.

My most enjoyable part of the reading was the chapter that opened my eyes to see this scripture “We know no man after the flesh” in a better and new light.

And like my picture below, the world would present many things to you that would be filled paradox , but choose to Hear Word and zoom in to read a tiny book filled with wisdom to help your life choices.

I am also proud to announce that this wonderful book got it’s creative cover from the amazing designer, Onuora Onianwa
and he can make one for you if you are writing or planning to write a book.

Book Title : Hear Word.

To purchase this book, please do connect with its author, Ovundah Nyeche on Facebook or click the link below if you wish to get a copy delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.


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Copyright © 2019 Dr. Ovundah Nyeche, All Rights Reserved.

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