Family and Practice…

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Gen 18:19 ISV
Indeed, I’ve made myself known to him in order that he may encourage his sons and his household that is born after him to keep the way of the LORD, and to do what is right and just, so that the LORD may bring about for Abraham what he has promised.”

Thousands of years ago God had this to say about Abraham; God was so sure Abraham would encourage his children and those of his household in the way of the Lord.

Abraham, our father of faith, was a very wealthy man and of course an astute businessman. But despite all these, his love for God diffused into everyone in his household. The son of promise, Isaac, saw it from first hand that his father loved God and passed the God-chasing trait to his children’s children.

The doctor’s life can be very busy and demanding and it does not get lighter even when you climb up the ladder as there is always one more rung to climb. From medical school to internship to post internship the demand on your life does not decrease. With these demands come responsibilities which will of course mean working so hard so as to provide financially for your family.

And so many times so that we are not perceived as negligent to our duties or to meet up with our financial obligations, most of our time is spent away from the comfort of our homes.

Truly, doing well financially is very important but it is wisdom to understand that finances alone cannot build a family. Your children and indeed your family need your time, emotional support, mentorship and spiritual leadership.

Time in this case is not just the length of time but the quality of the time spent, as it is possible to spend hours with people but your heart is faraway.

Your ears are not just for listening to presenting complaints or picking up signs from patients, but also for listening to the needs of our spouse and indeed our family. Our eyes are not just for making spot diagnosis but also for looking at our family members and caring for them. You see, your children may be abused right under your nose, may be held captive by pornography and other vices but you can only see, when you truly open your eyes.

Your mouth is not just for counselling your patients but for speaking well-seasoned words to your family members, your family and not just your patients, deserve the best of you.

The recent sudden death of health workers particularly doctors is a pointer and reaffirmation to the fact that we barely res, take care of ourselves or even spend time with our families. If a doctor collapses and dies from whatever health condition which often times is precipitated by stress, the hospital will feel the loss, but the family will bear the pain and loss for a lifetime.

Conclusively, even though medicine is a ministry, our families are also ministries. The balancing of this with aim of giving ourselves optimally to both is key to living and achieving our purpose towards God and humanity.

Medicine matters, your family too.

© Wholeness 9th Edition, November 2018, Pg. 29: A Journal of the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria.

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