The buzz is getting stronger… Are you set? We are Set! NMA Rivers is set.

Are you wondering why there is so much hype about this 58th NMA Rivers State AGM/Scientific Conference?

The vibes are really getting strong and many colleagues are making plans to get into Port Harcourt for that week, please don’t be left out, be your brother’s keeper, call a colleague and make sure he’s there. Make the necessary plans, take necessary permits as all roads lead to NMA house!

It will be a great time to meet colleagues and other players in the health sector. There is so much lined up by the LOC for this season, how do you make the most of the NMA week?

Before the AGM – Take a look at the program schedule and plan to be there,
get your business card ready, get good flyers for your service,
think about how you are going to introduce yourself if you have an opportunity to meet that one person that may take you to your next level,
have intelligent questions ready for the town hall meeting.

During the Scientific Session – This may just start for you at the park or the gate…you may see someone coming with a poster roll, please say hello, offer to help,
find out what his title is…this is just a way to bond with a colleague.
Take a look at posters of interest, you may even have a lead for your next research or project….you will thank me later for this.
When it’s time to take a drink or have a bite, don’t just dwell with your phone, look for a new face to say hello, we are colleagues for goodness sake!

At the Exhibitions – Look around, show your interest, ask questions…you can never tell, you may meet your next super employer or someone to collaborate with, that’s a step forward for you there.

At the Dinner – You don’t want to miss this, it’s not about the meal…
this is the best time to socialize, dress smart and comfortable, it helps your confidence;feel free to meet up with some elders and younger colleagues who impressed you at their presentation, introduce yourself,
Oooh! We are changing leadership this time, don’t forget to shake hands with any new leader… you may just be the next.

After the AGM – Please keep in touch with new friends you made, follow them on LinkedIn, Researchgate, WhatsApp or Twitter, let’s keep the bond of love and respect in our association. We hope to see you there.

Dr Hannah Omunakwe

Member Scientific Subcommittee

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