All things are possible… do you believe?

By Nnamdi Mgbemena.
Will GOD start a good work in your life and not bring it to an end? (Philippians 1 v 6). Carefully read and be blessed.

So after I got an admission to study a doctorate degree (PhD) at the James Cook University (JCU), Australia in September last year, I changed my prayers, “Father, provide all the funds I need for my studies, Let NO MAN take the glory but you”. I asked God for a scholarship cos I mean, “which Nigerian can afford paying for a PhD for 4 years in Australia, when your father is not the President of Nigeria? I made sure I enjoyed every bit of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. I shared a lot of close moments with family and my dad especially.

Before I could say “Jack Robinson”, January was there with the surge of harmattan. This was the month I was expecting the outcome of the scholarship from JCU. I was so optimistic that it was going to be successful. With outburst of overflowing faith and trust in a son I guess, my dad was even telling his close friends that I had gotten the scholarship. At that time, my phone was my girlfriend and Gmail was the apple of my eye, lol. Due to the 9-hours time difference between Nigeria and Australia, I was usually awake till 2:00 am every night. On the 16th of January (being a tuesday), I got a mail from the school and to my amazement…I DIDN’T get the scholarship. At that instance, all I wanted to do was to head to the toilet and void everything in my system. I felt so disappointed and I told God, “So this is how you have decided to embarrass me?” , but I never knew that this GOD was cooking a delicacy for me.

In faith, I wrote to the school that I wanted to continue with my admission and raise the $17,340 (#6,242,400) to pay for 1 semester (out of the 8 semesters of study) and for 4 years health insurance. Imagine raising this amount of money in January, it seemed so impossible. At that time, I didn’t want to tell my dad because the man had gone through a lot of financial expenses. I reached out to my maternal uncles who have always been there to support me and like you know everyone had lots of projects in the new year but I knew they were still going to assist.

During Church service in Teens Church (cos I was a Teens Church teacher), Church of the Resurrection, 1004 Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, I told them I didn’t get the scholarship but God knew what He was doing. The next day, I remember taking a walk on Festival road in Victoria Island and I was weeping. I told God to show me His Grace. On Tuesday during my morning devotion, God led me to close my fasting for the day at the Church altar and so I obeyed. I got to church and laid down in front of the altar and I reminded God how His hand has been on my life since I was a child up until now. I spent 45 minutes there, worshiped God and left.

Well guess what?… the next day, during my devotion, God directed me to meet up with a couple at Church after the Bible study and tell them that I am raising money for my fees. I resisted it because I thought I was going to be tagged a beggar. I finally obeyed God and immediately after the Bible study at Church, I dropped my offering and guess who was walking toward me…the man God had told me to meet. He asked how far I had gone in raising up the money but I told him I had nothing yet. He then said that while I was giving a contribution during the Bible study, God spoke to him and told him to sow a seed of $5,000 (#1.8 million) in my life. Reflexively, I said, Sir I will pay you back and he said it was a gift from God. I broke down, I just couldn’t hold myself. That same night, 2 of my maternal uncles raised $8,000 (#2,880,000) to support me. By Thursday morning, I had $13,000 (#4,680,000).

The next day being Friday, while I was still doing my devotion, God directed me to close my fasting at church in the evening and all I should do was to give thanks. At exactly 1:35 pm, while I was taking a nap that hot afternoon, I was woken up by a call and a lady in our Church who knew I didn’t get the scholarship called and asked how I was going with the fund raising and I told her. She said that same morning, God directed her and her husband to sow a seed of $10,000 (#3,600,000) in my life. YES, You heard me…I had $23,000. I almost ran mad…When my dad and siblings heard it, everyone was crying. All I wished was to tell my mum all that was happening in my life. I was running around the house wearing only a boxer-short. You can’t imagine. I paid all the fees and was getting my documents ready for visa application. But God said, I am not done with you!!!

Few days later, a lady in Church who saw me while I was crying during the Bible study the week before called to know what happened and I told her. In excitement, she told her husband and long story cut short, she called me the next week that God told them to support me with $2,000 (#720,000). 

I know this sounds unbelievable but this is the kind of miracle my God does. I still had extra cash for my visa fees and flight fares. Afterwards, God told me to take 10% of the money I realized and sow seeds into some ministries and an orphanage. God then triggered a cascade of financial provision, that everyone who heard about my story wanted to sow into my life. The monies kept coming in both in Naira and dollars. I keep asking myself, “How can this God be so loving to me?”. Is there anything I do that others Christians do not do?

Do you know that I never mentioned to these families that I needed money but God told them?

Do you know that I had never visited these people’s houses before this whole event?

Do you know that the first 2 families that God used are not Igbos, even the third family is Igbo but I had no relationship whatsoever with them, not by marriage or blood. We just attended the same Church.

I promised God I was going to write and share this testimony and more and if God leads you, please share. People need to know that God still does miracles.

Do you want to hear the testimony of my visa application and how I have been settling since I came to Australia, then wait for my next post…Have an Awesome day ahead.

Nnamdi Chidiebere Mgbemena is a Physiotherapist and a lover of God, family and friends.  God has decided to make his life a stream of testimonies and to showcase him to the world that He never fails. Nnamdi is currently doing a doctorate degree in Health in Australia and aspires to be a lecturer someday. He hopes this will create a platform for his vision of mentoring young people. He loves travelling, singing, fashion and hanging out with friends and family.


This God is too good oh!

I wanted to raise a specific amount of money for something and knew I didn’t have it and would not met up even if I wanted to save towards it. I still put up the amount on my vision board.

I knew I could ask a couple of people but didn’t want to as it was the new year and people have their own issues.

Long story cut short, I ended up with exactly that amount with 95% coming from unexpected quarters.
I just bless God for provision.

To God be the glory

Your testimony is an inspiration to me as I await God’s grace.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for your feedback… God is faithful and never late.

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