Everything does not go…

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Madam, I like you… Can we do something?

I am married oh… we can’t oh.

Baby, there is nothing there… No one would know, besides, it is not a big deal, when we sin, it is our body that sins, not the spirit.. And God is not angry with us anymore… Just have fun, don’t be a kill joy, it won’t kill.

But you are a Christian, are you not?

Yes, I am, that is why we must have fun, what we do in the flesh does not matter. How we conduct ourselves does not matter, God looks at the heart and to the pure all things including this thing is pure…Okwaya?

His grace shines on us…we can’t be righteous by our strength, so no wahala. God knows we are humans after all.

And so being not deeply rooted, she gives in and enters a cesspool of adultery in a place where she thought she would get refuge…


Kamda, also, when he came here, had issues about homosexuality, but here he heard, nothing matters, just believe and that’s all, you have no part to play… Nothing, be yourself, come as you are but stay as you are!

And then it happened, he met, Lamba, who talked him into a dark fellowship. His grace covers us, just confess his love, dazzol.

Jesus dined with sinners, telling people to follow rules is legalism, if God put those feelings in there he must have wanted it expressed.

And right there in a supposed sanctuary Kamda began a journey into homosexuality, right now he is down with warts, HIV and a broken heart.


Kyle, is a charming young man, who had issues with self control, especially as regards his sexual appetite, he read some verses, in the Bible and began a healing process, he has been celibate for a while now.

But then he joined an assembly, where it was consistently hammered that it doesn’t matter anymore… Come as you are… Freestyle… Do the do.

Here he saw what he was running away from… From pendants hanging at cleavages, to curves smoother than hourglasses, to boyfriends and girlfriends who co-habit but were workers in church, to the choir master riding like an equestrian on many of his female members, to the leader of the church feasting from plates not his, to things that made him to mope, to learning how to go home with one of these hotties, to learning to confess God’s love after each sexcapade…

Ironically he was trapped where he thought he would have freedom… But again it doesn’t really matter, remember…


Today however everything changed when they alighted on this scripture, just these verses and they were on their knees… And the scales on their eyes fell.

It matters how you live your life as a Christian, anything does not go.

A habitually sinful lifestyle is not compatible with someone who is truly saved.

Titus 1: 16, 2: 1 NLT

Such people claim they know God, but they deny him by the way they live. They are detestable and disobedient, worthless for doing anything good.

As for you, Titus, promote the kind of living that reflects wholesome teaching.

Titus 1:16, 2:1 AMP

They profess to know God [to recognize, perceive, and be acquainted with Him], but deny and disown and renounce Him by what they do; they are detestable and loathsome, unbelieving and disobedient and disloyal and rebellious, and [they are] unfit and worthless for good work (deed or enterprise) of any kind.

BUT [as for] you, teach what is fitting and becoming to sound (wholesome) doctrine [the character and right living that identify true Christians].

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