By Everest David Ovi.

This is the first time in the past three months I’m able to write, the doctors said I’m improving and I’m getting better. But I don’t want to be better, I can’t just live with the guilt. The stench of the cell, the sight of young people like me chained to trees, are reminders that I’m not fit to be among humans.

My mother went through a lot after my birth, she lost my dad and grandparents in an accident, and it almost totally broke her but for me, I was her tiny light of hope. But she didn’t let her love for me deprive her from disciplining me when necessary. My Mom got a better job which meant a better way of living but less attention on me. Mom had to bring Chidi her cousin from Lagos to stay with me.

I missed my mom alot, this made me depressed and I desperately needed an escape, Chidi offered me one. He first gave me a bottle of coke(it was actually mixed with codeine), he said it’d make me feel better, and yes it did. That bottle started a journey of no return for me, I was a proud Science Student.

My mom had noticed that I’ve changed in the last one year, I’ve been unusually reserved and I sleep and drink coke a lot. She did her little investigation, She had to chase Chidi out of the house. Mom was so broken when she found out that I was an addict, she took me to various prayer houses but I only got worse.

There was this Friday, mom had destroyed all my bottles of codeine cough syrup, I was furious, I couldn’t help myself, I was screaming and scratching furiously. They I found a bottle, I was trying to open it when my mom snatched it from me.

WTF! I was screaming and begging at the same time for her to give back the bottle but she refused. I charged towards her, held her, dragged the bottle and pushed her away. I gulped the contented hungrily without noticing my mom had hit her head on the tiles, bleeding, jerking as she drifted off into the waiting arms of Mr. death.

I was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter but I was first sent to this rehab center. My sentence was wrong, 20 years was too fair, I don’t deserve to live. This is my suicide note and if you’re reading this I’m probably gone.


Inspired by a post from Dr Ovundah Nyeche


PS: This is totally a work of Fiction.

David Everest is a young writer who exposes the issues of abuse plaguing the Nigerian society. He’s also a student and professional videographer. David has had his own fair share of abuse(physical and drug) and came out stronger, thus his message.
David is now determined to help young people such as him see the dangers of abuse.
David enjoys Football and Music. 

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