No one owes you anything…


By Ovundah Nyeche.

My father did not train me in school.

My Uncle did not “uncle” me well.

My “cousin sister” did not “epp” me, even when I kept singing my helper oh, my helper in front of her.

I would have made it in life, if I was Governor Wike’s first son.

If Buhari’s only son married me, the problem of my kindred would have been solved.

I would have been a big man, if I was born in the US.

“I for don hammer, come dey produce hammer, if to say my father na MC Hammer”.

And so a lot of people, move through life filled with excuses, and filled with an entitlement mentality.

Let me shock you.

No one owes you anything… Kikikikikiki

No not one!

I know many people, many successful people who came from families that were so poor that even the poor called them poor.

I know those whose past tense would collapse with surprise if they met with their present tense.

I know many people who attended “Ota-akara” schools, but against all odds can stand tall anywhere.

See Bro or Sis, if your past was great thank God, if your past was not “Woke” you cannot keep complaining.

You know in a drug rehabilitation centre I once worked in most of the people who are patients come from very rich homes.

Many had the world at their feet and could pay for their oxygen if they were told to, but since they could not pay for it… They went into drugs and spiraled downwards.Their excuse is that they are hooked because they come from rich homes.

Many sat on thrones, but wasted everything on riotous living and right now the biblical prodigal son would feel happy at himself if he saw them.

Stop the excuses… Dare to dream, take a step and take action. Be all God had destined you for.

Where you born with so many challenges, face them, many have passed with flying colours.

Where you born with a silver spoon, leverage on it.

No one owes you anything.

The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords was raised in the a home of a carpenter.

King David was a forgotten shepherd.

Your life is so precious to waste it on excuses.

In other news

Forget this picture, na packaging with a touch of photoshop… Don’t believe all you see on social media.. Kikikikikiki

Again what do I know?

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