The Calm River With Many Colours

Crocodile, River, Australia, Nature, Animal

By Ovundah Nyeche.

To prove her love for him, she wants to give him a piece of herself. He takes a bite, eats, wipes his mouth clean and acts as though nothing happened.

Elias consumes pornographic materials more than a marathon runner consumes water. He also changes ladies faster than a mother changes the soiled diapers on her child who has diarrhea.

“Just a little bite; after all, the apple will be mine and when I get the apple tree, I will eat only apples, yes, only apples,” says Eddie.

And so they all took a dive into the calm river with many colours. The river is soothing, looks clean, feels cool, and is filled with others swimming and having fun. Underneath the surface of this river lurk a bask of crocodiles, and on the
other side of the riverbank are people who have been maimed by the said crocodiles, some barely walking, some with chopped off limbs, and others dead.

The colour towards that bank is red, red with the blood of swimmers who wanted to paint the town red. There is a party on the other side of the riverbank with music played at a deafening volume, drowning the cries of the maimed.

Before you jump into this river or keep swimming to the other side, this is just to let you know that you are swimming in crocodile infested waters, and the river is not as cool and calm as it looks; even standing close to the shore is

Jesus loves you so much and does not want you to harm yourself. Others have tried, and if they are sincere, they will show you their scars, and they will tell you how much that dive cost them.

Get out of this river if you are already in.

Do not even go close if you are not.

© Sex: The Naked Truth, Ovundah Nyeche, 2018.

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