The Adventures of Brother Sally “the marathon” runner…

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Brother Sally is a marathon runner.

He ran from Umuoko to Sokoto, he claimed Umuoko was too cold and the stench was too much in Umuoko, unlike Sokoto…

He was happy when he got to Sokoto, Just like Sokoto, he was hot and all was well until the sandstorm and the stench arose again.

It was over with Sokoto, and he took a night bus to Potiskum, he had always heard how beautiful and airy the place was; and true to what he heard it matched the description he was told, but again the gun shots at night and then the stench arose again.

He had to leave Potiskum to Takum immediately.

He had heard so much about Takum as well, at least the people there were friendly and perhaps the people there did not have an offensive odour, like people from the other places he ran to.

Takum was fun, but again, when he was about settling… The stench arose again.

He then heard from his bae that Woji was the place to be… And there was he in Woji after a full day’s journey by road, well Woji was not like Takum, it was lively, bubbling and when it looked like he would settle… The stench arose again. This time however, the stench was so much that he has to leave Woji for Rumuji.

Rumuji looked quiet, warm, but just when he was about feeling at home… The stench arose again. He perceived the Stench late at night and was about to leave that night… But felt it was not worth it leaving that late, he made up his mind to leave at the breaking of the day.

He then went outside far from his room and then the rain suddenly started falling without warning… And he was caught outside, a bit far from his lodge.

He finally found his way back to his lodge in Rumuji and because he was drenched he had to remove what he was wearing and noticed that the stench seemed to be coming from him…

His socks, singlets and boxers were no-go areas…The stench from them were real and eeeeeeem he also had a chip on his shoulders.

It was him all the while.

Not Umuoko or Sokoto or Potiskum or Takum or Woji or Rumuji… It was him all the while.

In other news…

Before you set out to look for the right person…sit down and make sure you are a right person.

Again what do I know?

No animal was killed in the making of this movie.

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