Konji no dey kill…

By Ovundah Nyeche.

When I was in secondary school, a classmate of mine told us a very interesting story.

As we gathered around him, he told us of a young lady who was very sick and when they went to see the doctor, he told her it was due to “Konji” she was very sick and that once she has sex she would feel better.

The doctor explained to her, that her virginity was the cause of her illness and that if she had sex, she would be perfectly okay.

He mouthed how immediately, she started having sex, she became healed.

He also talked about men, who were admitted in the hospital for not responding to their “Konji”.

He was so sure, he sounded so assertive and authoritative, but I was a bit confused. I had “Konji”, was not finding who to pounce on, but I was perfectly healthy.

Also, he was not alone, as when I went home on holidays, I discovered my secondary school which was a seminary was not the alone, as other schools had more horrific stories and this was believed by a lot of young people.

In fact I also heard AIDS, stood for Americas Idea of Discouraging Sex.

Curiously, through out medical school, I kept waiting for the lecture where we would be taught about how having “Konji” without conjugation could cause a disease or even kill someone.

Even my psychiatry lectures on sexual perversions did not address this concern. It was balderdash all along.

In my practice however, I have seen many many many many people, who were admitted into the hospital, because they allowed their “Konji” to lead them, because they allowed their erection to determine their direction.

You see those things below your belt, they do not hear or understand English language, and in fact the only they understand is action.

Stop allowing your sex organs to think, speak for you and lead you and continually regret when you crash land. Allow them lead you, and you have a disaster on your hands.

They don’t understand wait, not now or not appropraite.

Have you not heard, have you not been told

An erect penis and clitoris, has no conscience.

#HearWord #HearWordseries #Sexual purity

PS: Konji: Sexual feeling.

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