A bountiful harvest does not just happen!

Photo by: Adrienne Fitch-Frankel

By Ovundah Nyeche.

The beautiful dark faces, the beautiful smiles don’t tell the whole story. Farmers looking, posing, saying cheese and smiling as they reap their harvest. No sweats, all made up, looking cool, they make you want to be a farmer.

Have you ever been involved in farming? Well I have in a very very very small scale and I have a friend who is involved in a very very large scale. He has a very large farm and believe me he is not smiling at least for now (well he was smiling when I saw him yesterday).

All hands are on deck. He first got the land, cleared it, got the seedlings; well not sure of the order, employed workers. He smiled as the first seedlings sprouted and believe me the farm took my friend away from me.

He is now a farmer though that was not what he studied in school. He has started studying farming vocabulary and in no distant time started saying words like herbicides, pests, pesticides, manure, compost, weeding, agriculturist, consultant, rodents and yield. He had to do courses to get in terms with his new found love.

At a time some of his plants were sick, yeah literally sick and some died and he had to call in an expert to treat or is it uproot them. Yesterday he showed me pictures of harvested plantains.

He said he harvested more than 100 bunches and he also showed me a very long cucumber, his years of toiling was gradually paying of, but he is not resting on his oars. The story goes on, but I will end here today.

My intention was not to talk about plants but about your relationship, about your marriage. Forget about all the beautiful pictures of couples you see on social media, mine inclusive.

Those smiles real or fake require a whole lot sacrifice, quality time, availability, beautiful surprises, study, prayers, humility, apologies, discipline, giving, switching off your phone sometimes, discussions/ two way communication, respect, forgiveness, letting go and so much more.

How important is your wife to you? How do you lead and tend you spouse? Do you quit so easily and help your self with other options when your wife is not meeting up to your standard?

How important is your husband to you? How important? Do you love him more than things? Do you continually nag or throw a tantrum or declare a strike to always prove a point?

The devil hates a united family and will do all to cause disunity and a breakdown of your family, he will do everything to ensure your kids have a distorted view about marriage, he will do all to make your kids think you have to beat a lady for her to submit, or for them to think it’s game to sulk your spouse out of existence, he will do everything to make sure you have a broken marriage and broken kids.

But he does not have the last say, give your children the best gift you can- A great family.

A bountiful harvest does not just happen, play your part, all hands must be on deck.

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