By Ovundah Nyeche.

Eagles are majestic birds and soar, but eagles also need to feed; and many times their food is found lower down, and down may include streams and rivers.

With a great vision, eagles can sight fishes taking a swim on the surface and with great speed they can fly down to catch these fish for food.However, vision no matter how clear and distinct, does not mean there will be no opposition or challenges. Not all soups are like “Okro” soup in the throat.

For the eagle hunting for fish is not always straightforward as the fish also struggles for survival and does everything to break free from the grip of the eagles sharp talons.

Though the eagle is a master of the air, it is also a good swimmer able to adapt to different terrains.

One feature I would like to write about this morning is “Tenacity”.

Tenacity is holding on until your objectives are achieved.

Tenacity or persistent determination is the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; it is firmness of purpose.

Eagles don’t give up easily.

In a clip, an eagle was holding onto a fish quite big, a fish it could obviously not fly away with. The normal thing, I would have expected was for it to leave the fish,but no, it had other plans, it held on to the fish and dragged it to the shore.

And at the shore, it ate the fish. I can’t fly away with you, but I can eat you.

Don’t give up on life easily.

Don’t allow yourself to be called a failure so easily.

Don’t allow those negative names and expectations on your life by others stick.

In a book co-authored with a business expert, long before he became president of the USA, Donald Trump, narrated how he chased a contract for about 17 whopping years, despite numerous setbacks, he finally got the contract, but ended by saying… How many people can chase a contract for 17 years? Few I guess… That’s why there are few billionaires.

For me, I spoke with a mentor yesterday, and I heard from him how he pursued a project for several years even when it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel, but finally God gave it to him.

In your prayers do you give up easily? Do you downgrade your dreams to something smaller, to something very small, to something manageable because you do not see light at the end of the tunnel?

Do you write yourself off because of few dots?

Do you look down on yourself because…..?

Hold on… I hear a sound of abundance of rain.


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