Sexual Purity is possible…

By Ovundah Nyeche

Months ago while working on the final manuscript for my book project centred around sexual purity, a protégé of mine really wanted me to write extensively about sex toys.

I had already written about how sexually transmitted infections could be spread by them, as some people are known to share sex toys among themselves.

I had devoted a session to masturbation, though he had not seen the manuscript, he thought I should throw more light on this new craze.

I understood why he asked and prodded…

In a world where commitment, love and uninterrupted intimacy are becoming scarce commodities. In a generation where being responsibility is a burden only few are willing to carry, where people are told they are their own bosses, and told to live their lives the way they feel is cool and been “Woke” is synonymous with “Commoting” eye and mouth or shouting ride on, when you know someone is in the wrong.

Today a friend tagged me in a post where a sex toy company launched their sex doll, a life size doll probably made from silicon and manufactured to look very real, for a price close to #800,000…of course many people will buy.

“Oyibo people na their way”, you may say… But wait a minute, which Oyibo people. I remember recently going to a Nigerian online shop recently to check for household items and boom, I see a sex toy and many people had already bought it.

These days many Nigerians have possession of dildos and other sex toys.

Unfortunately, these products are not bought only by adults.

During the question and answer session after talking to many young adults, what I hear, drives me to do more.

Tell your children about sex, tell them what God says about it, teach them that waiting time is not wasted time, teach them and answer their questions, teach them about life, and teach them the life from the Bible.

Pray for them, the onslaught outside is real and fierce.

Sexual purity is possible.

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God bless you OVD

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