Marry me or else I die

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Eka is currently under attack from her home, she is twenty nine years old. Almost all her friends are getting married. She has loads and loads of “ashoebi”. Six months ago as she was entering her room after one of these weddings her mum confronted her, asking her where she was coming from. “Jennifer’s wedding” she replied and then her mum started raining strong words on her. “ When will your turn ever come… every Saturday you are away for one wedding or the other, when will people come for your own wedding… All my friends are inviting me for their children’s wedding, when will I invite them for yours. All your friends are getting married, even those that are your junior already have three children”

These words can’t seem to get off her head. She is in a relationship with Mike, well will we call this a relationship? Mike uses abusive words on her, the last time she tried correcting Mike, he landed some focused slaps on her cheeks. He apologized though and he always apologizes, but somehow returns to type after these apologies. The words of her mum still rings strong in her head. She has talked to her mum about Mike, who now drops her off at home. Her mum tells her she can change Mike and if she lets Mike go, no one else will marry her.

Eba is a young rich lady, yeah an independent lady. She pays her bills, but has not been too lucky with guys. She met Dyke months ago. He is so caring but he has no job and does not seem bothered he has nothing doing. In fact ever since they met, he stays most times in her place. He keeps the house warm while she goes to work. He collects money from her for his personal effects, he has no plans to work.

She is thirty four years old, should she let him slip off her hands? It feels so real with him, even if her friends call him a leech. All her friends are married and she avoids her parents, as they always remind her of the fact she is unmarried even though all her younger ones are married. Dyke talked about marriage few weeks ago. Will it be a bad idea, if she gives him the money for her bride price and wedding? Who would know? It will be her best kept secret and she will still get to keep her man.

Elma is in love, she met Duke two years ago and he swept her off her feet. Duke is so wealthy. Almost all she has, has Duke imprinted on it. She could count the things she has bought with her money this past two years. Only in the past two years she has caught Duke pants down with at least ten different women. Well he always apologizes and is repentant for few months after which he continues from where he stops.

Her mum who is a beneficiary of Duke’s largesse has always told her “men will be men, and men are polygamous in nature” (wonder what that ever means). Well before Duke, she had a boyfriend called Dike, who was still job hunting. She sacked him after catching him making out with her best friend Lucy. Well for her Duke “it’s not the same” she says. These “Amalakites” always throw themselves at him, it’s their fault not his, they will never allow him to rest, even when he runs away from them. “Money talking” Duke just proposed to her and promised to turn a new leaf. “Marriage will change him” she said to herself.

Ella just met Pike, well they just met two months ago and it was love at first sight. Pike is a breath of fresh air. She has never met anyone like him before.  He just proposed to her. Her mum has told her to slow down things. In fact they have started talking about marriage. Her mum asked her about Pike’s family, work and some basic questions and Ella does not have the answers to these questions. Her only answer is, “We are in love, do all these secondary things matter?” She even told her mum if she does not marry Pike she would kill herself.

A tale of four ladies on a path, well while marriage is a beautiful thing, being single is not a disease or a curse. Also no one gets an Olympic gold medal for marrying. Marriage is not for “Pepper them” to rub on the faces of those not married.

Marriage is not an emergency, “If we don’t marry now, we perish”, Marriage is not a competition, “My friends are married therefore I must get married as well and now”.

It’s a path, a journey, a deliberate well thought of and considered journey. An enjoyable experience, a journey where both hands must be on deck.It is a full time job.

Think, ask questions, expect answers, watch, pray before you say I do.

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