The world is round for a reason!

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By Ovundah Nyeche.


When nature decides to set you up…

Working in an overcrowded and understaffed government medical facility can stretch your patience and test your salvation. From demands from senior colleagues, to demands from colleagues, to demands from the numerous patients, to personal demands, the demands keeps  coming.

Few weeks ago a secondary school friend of mine was trying to chat with me on Facebook, but that thing called “busy” had an urgent appointment with me, so I could not respond when the message was sent and thereafter I forgot to even open and read the message.

I also had to do an impromptu call on the weekend in the hospital and truly speaking, doing that call was annoying and painful. In the course of the call I met this middle aged lady who was brought in for a long standing complain.

I did the best I could for her, trying to give her my attention to the best of my abilities. After attending to her, I went to the doctors’ lounge and after I was done, I came back to give her family members her investigation forms and prescriptions.

Surprisingly, I saw my secondary school friend, who rushed to hug me. Telling me he was trying to chat with me to find out which hospital I was working in and that the woman I just attended to was his mother.

“Na so im relatives just dey smile”, I was wondering how they would have felt if I was rude, probably arrogant and maybe not sensitive to their plight.

Indeed this world is a very small world, you never know who is who or who can turn your life around. People may not always look the part. Keep on adding value and doing your best for people.

You never know, whose sister, uncle, father or mother you are dealing with and asides that you are dealing with God’s creation. You never know who the stone you throw in a market place will hit.

Do have a great week ahead.




May ur kind and open heart attract Gods favour and blessing upon ur life Amen… Doc Ovu i admire what ever gives u inspiration thanks… 4rm krisdman

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