Two fighting…

By Ovundah Nyeche.

One of the worst sights on earth, is seeing ladies fighting over a man, while the man feels like a king.

Nkesi is enraged that Cecilia, like a Sicilian mafia, wants to take her boo of life from her and like an Ikwerre Ninja, Nkesi, decides to “Not to take it”. No way will Cecelia take her boo from her. Boom, so what does Cecelia have that I do not have? Is it shape, depth or antennas? No way will Cecelia take Damian from me! And so Nkesi decides to start a guerrilla war against Cecelia.

Well apart from Cecelia, there was Sandy, Lucy, Tracy and Busty… But well Cecelia and her were the real deal; the others were miniscule Also Damian was worth all the hassles, he has so much money to spare, and make her dream of a beautiful life come true.

She hated infidelity, in fact she sacked Wenenda for cheating on her years ago, why would she not, he had no dime to his name. A cheat and poverty, was a worse combination than garri and chopsticks, no way. Emmmmmm for Damian, the rules had to change, Damian apart from having a wandering “ihea” had deep pockets, and even infidelity has its price. He would change, his case was technically not one of infidelity according to her, but one of several ladies trying to tempt him and it was not his fault.

She plotted her graph well, had to repackage, visited him often, gave him mind blowing sex, engulfed him like a macrophage covers bacteria and she celebrated when she missed her period.

And when he proposed to her in that posh restaurant with his friends, she wept endlessly, her tears were like those shed by footballers when they finally win a competitive football league. She felt like a queen and a conqueror, she was first and on top of the food chain. You know that feeling when you come first in a very good school.

Curiously Damian also seemed responsible, after the proposal, she thought marriage would change him and she was seeing the changes, She was all over his social media platform and the pictures made a lot of her friends pray theirs would be like hers. But few months after marriage she realized a more virulent demon had possessed her Damian. Yes she had all the money and priced possessions she always wanted, but she realized peace was indeed priceless.

From constant boxing and wrestling matches for daring to question his numerous away matches, to treating  STIs, to him not been around for her, to her numerous complaints, she wished she could rewind time, as she was now learning first hand that it was not worth it condoling in a relationship, what she could not endure in marriage and marriage does not necessarily change a waste disposal truck to a Rolls Royce.

Look, look and look well, before you do.


Any similarity with persons in the above story and any other person living, dead or in between is surely a coincidence.

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