The Wedding Ring

By Oluchi Okafor Ugwunne.

There’s a very little, but very important thing
It’s something we call ‘the wedding ring’
It circles just one finger, but in many ways, forms the pillar of one’s life
It creates a strong bond between a man and his wife.

A ring is tiny, measuring few centimetres
And yet, it creates the greatest distance, the greatest diameter
That separates a man from other women, even if they seem cuter
And keeps a woman far from any other potential suitor.

When a ring is given, words are spoken
Promises that must never be broken
Yes, a ring is given- and received- in trust
And that trust must be maintained all the time- it really must.

A wedding ring is not to be toyed with
It carries much significance along with it
It must be honoured, held in high esteem
Regardless of how small and inconspicuous it may seem.

As a ring is circular, with no beginning or end
It implies to your spouse, ‘I will be forever your friend
To our love there must be no end in sight
Till death, I promise to love you with all my might.’

A wedding ring usually costs much; it’s not cheap
It’s a way of saying, ‘My love is not shallow, it’s deep
I’m putting my money where my mouth is
Even if it may cause me some pain or unease.’

A wedding ring is made of material that is durable
Thus, you’re implying, ‘Regardless of what happens, I will be faithful
I won’t change with every change in weather
Whatever the storms of life, we’ll weather it together.’

A wedding ring is a thing of beauty
It adorns, it adds loveliness to one, you see
Through it, you connote, ‘I want to add beauty to your life
I desire that you become better because I am your husband (or wife).’

A wedding ring signifies- I will love you in sickness and in health
I will share all I have with you, in poverty and in great wealth
Death only will us part
You’ll always have a special place in my heart.

So…dear married friend, the next time you feel like having a ‘fling’
When you start thinking of having a small ‘side thing’
The moment you start considering someone else because of their looks, or money, or ‘bling’…
Pause…and take a look- at your ring.


Oluchi Okafor Ugwunne studied Medicine in the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the author of Practical Advice for Girls and A Reason to Hope. Her life’s passion is helping young people discover and fulfill their God given destiny. She is married to her lovely friend and they are blessed with children.

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