What are you thinking with? What determines your direction?

By Ovundah Nyeche.


The mouth is for eating.

The ear is for hearing.

The skin is for feeling.

The eye is for seeing.

The mind is for seeeeeeeeing.

The brain is for thinking.

The penis is for urinating and for sex.

The vagina is for sex and a passage way for childbirth.

The brain is for thinking.

Every part God made, he made for a particular purpose.

Never allow your Penis and Vagina talk for you.

Never allow them think for you.

All they understand is yes and action.

They don’t care if the time is right or not.

They don’t care if it is with the wrong person.

They care less about the place.

They care less of what is at stake.

They only understand do and sharp, sharp.

They want to be shined.

They don’t care about the consequences.

They only care about temporary feelings.

They do not care about broken dreams, broken hearts or broken homes.

They do not realize someone’s tummy can grow bigger.

They do not care about responsibilities.

They do not care what it would cause.

They do not ask all those questions, the brain asks when it takes control again.

They do not care if you would be caught or not.

They care less if your sexcapade is displayed for the whole world to see.

Never allow your erection determine your direction, it would surely lead to your relegation. I couldn’t agree more with Daniel Madagwa who says “Whatever you give attention, dictates your direction; when your erection is your director then frustration is your destination. If your urge for sex cannot be controlled and you refuse to moderate your appetite for sex you may soon be a refuse dump.”

Never allow temporary gains to blur your vision.

There is so much more, out of life, don’t cheat yourself.

Seconds, minutes of illicit pleasure can ruin your treasures.

Closed legs, does not mean a closed destiny.

Stop thinking with your ‘kini’, it was never meant to think for you.

And yes, you that always roll along with friends with gross inability to hear word and you feel you are immune from their influence, hear word, change your circle of influence, Yeah that’s what friends are, they influence you whether you admit it or not.

Yeah you, that unmarried church guy that always hangs around ‘her’ alone behind closed doors…

We pray together alone, we listen to messages together, we do Bible Study together and Sir you don’t understand we watch ‘War room’ together in the other room; we know what we are doing.

Trust me I know what I am doing, I am spirit filled, I am on top of the situation,yeah very soon literally you would be on top of the situation.

Hear Word, he that thinketh he is deeply rooted, lest strong hand will touch you.

Those who play and hang around that fire called temptation will eventually get burnt, it’s only a matter of time.

In another news

Different animals were killed in the making of this movie.

What is thinking for you?

Lord your grace is available and abundantly abundant.

You need help? Gulp Jesus

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