Of what use is winning every argument?

By Ovundah Nyeche.

When I was in secondary school, I represented my school in several debate competitions.

In fact, in one of our debates we argued about the existence of God.

I was in the opposing side and I argued that God did not exist. Even though I did not believe what I was saying, we had a competition in front of us and we had to win at all costs… We eventually beat those who said God exists.

When I was in the University I had a favourite pass time, to argue about football, after football matches. It was fun trust me. Here the purpose was to shut up your opponent, usually of a rival club and facts, fiction and hear say were freely mixed.

Fast forward to my marriage, I learnt first hand that becoming a good lawyer in your marriage is “Woundjurious”.

I learnt first hand that, the more arguments you lose, the better for you.

And yes, I better lose an argument, than win all arguments and lose my peace and marriage.

“Okays”, “No Problems” and a sincere “What do you think about this?” has saved me more “Purkinje fibres”, than “Don’t try me”, “I am the man”, “It’s my way or the high way”.

You see, being a SAN ( Senior Advocate of Nigeria) in a relationship or marriage will leave you in the “San san” (sand).

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