Every seed usually produces something bigger than the seed.

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Years ago the major access young people had to pornography were mainly newspapers, magazines, those scenes in movies and if you were watching with a senior, you closed your eyes or went to ease yourself and the occasional short blue film.

I remember going to visit a friend years ago and there in his house was a VHS cassette player. He locked the house and boom he slotted in the video cassette and there it was hardcore pornography.

That video hmmmm, that was the last time I ever visited his place again and it took a lot to handle the images that flooded my young mind.  There were a lot of meaningful activities to engage in and I thank God that seed sowed, died an untimely and needed death.

Fast forwards to these days…

Few years ago, I served in Ekiti State and the then governor bought laptops for secondary school students, it was a solar powered PC and the aim was to increase productivity in these school children.

“For where” throughout that one year, it was only a student I saw use her laptop for a good course. She was also an amateur photographer and the laptop helped her to edit the pictures she shot.

Some of the other students were using their laptops to watch “Gymnastics” in class (yes trust me in class) and please don’t ask me what gymnastics mean. Filled in their laptops where materials so harmful they could pollute the Choba river.

Recently a family had an issue, their child was always withdrawn. Always staying on his own. His parents had just bought him a smart phone.

And being a smart guy with a smartphone, he found out how to use the incognito page when watching hot sites, he also learnt how to hide files in secret folders.

On a particular day, the spirits in his village had had enough, as he was now corrupting the spirits. On a fateful day, his parents would enter his room without knocking and there was their beloved son in full attention while watching things. He would not forget in a hurry what happened to him.

Still on watching things. A young guy met me recently with a complaint and he was serious and looked anxious. “Doc I am not performing very well and I am young, what will happen when I become old?”

Guy which one be perform? Well I had always used the term perform in relation to academics, entertainment and sports; when it became obvious that what I meant by  “Perform” was not meeting his, I had to give him the benefit of doubt, to explain to me what perform meant.

He then explained to me that he actually meant “Perform like a man on bed”…Hian. I then asked him, “What do you do guy?” Nothing. “You don enter school?” No. “Okay how long do you want to perform in bed?” At least 40 mins na. I explained to him not to mind what he watches on Phone abi video.

“If you impregnate a girl what happens to her and to you?” No words. “If you contract a disease what happens to you?” Still no words. He left me probably with another perspective.

In another news

Make una watch una children oh… and watch yourself oh.. No be everything wey you suppose watch.

Every seed usually produces something bigger than the seed.

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