Safety Lessons on Child Molestation.

By Ovundah Nyeche.

As a father of three, I am very mindful of what goes on in my home especially as regards my kids. As parents run around to ensure they earn money, so their family is comfortable it is important they put their ears to the ground, to know what is happening under their roof and to their kids.

These days, sexual abuse is on the increase and almost everyday it is not uncommon to hear news that breaks your heart. From step- fathers or even fathers molesting their daughters, to maids molesting kids under their custody, to little children being exposed to pornography by their custodians, to teachers and even religious figures molesting  children. The tide does not seem to be going down.

Many times these perpetrators are known to the kids and most times they keep these kids silent either by threatening them or giving them things the kids love. Also many times many parents are too busy to even communicate with their kids and these kids cannot even confide in them.

Few weeks ago a Whatsapp group I belong to had a very delicate matter of child sexual abuse on our table. In the midst of the discussion a colleague shared a video, which teaches how to discuss about sexual abuse with your young children.

Unsuprisingly due to work pressure, a lot of parents handover their kids to teachers, nannies, friends that may take advantage of these children. Ironically some parents, are also very sick and molest their innocent and hapless children too.

Are you a parent? Have you ever taught your kids about how to avoid being sexually molested? Do your kids open up to you? If you answered yes only to the first question then you need to step up your game.

Recently I was a guest in a TV programme where I talked about child molestation and I promised to share a video on “Safety lessons on Child Sexual Abuse” from the good people of Do watch it with your little kids.


Please do watch it and do give a feedback.




Thank you so much for the feedback.

Very well done. Detailed and easy to follow.

Thanks for the feedback as always, Lois.

Keep up the good work bro. God’s blessings and Grace….

Thanks alot Ovundah.

Thanks for the feedback

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