What will people say, that has not been said before?  

By Ovundah Nyeche. 

Don’t kill yourself for nothing.

Today I was reminded about this again. Many times we make decisions because we want others to know all is also well with us, and alarm is not killing us.
Many times we live for the likes and comments on social media and our eyes turn red when we see others slaying in territories we dream about.

Many times we worry when we cannot afford the school fees, everyone in our “class” have their children in. We worry, worry, worry.
Today while in church I saw something that suggested we would have communion  in church. However the service ended and there was no mention of communion service any where.

As we shared the grace, my Pastor announced there would be a wedding ceremony in church. My eyes kept revolving, to see if I would catch a glimpse of a dark suit or a white gown, for where, the only dark suits wey I see na people wey dey do protocol for church and the only white gown I saw was a woman whose daughter married about one year ago.

My nose was not even perceiving any jellof rice or egusi soap. There was nothing to suggest my stomach would be busy.

My pastor gave a short exhortation, and called the couple, who joyfully matched to the altar filled with smiles, they had their traditional wedding recently and in the presence of God, without a tux and wedding gown, without cake and jellof rice, with no rented limousine outside, they were joined together in the presence of God.

Three million naira must not fall on you, before you make a move to marry, if you already have a pompom.

What you need to fall on you is wisdom. At the end of today, my church member would have his wife, his home, his groove and his peace of mind.

Don’t kill yourself for nothing.


We don’t need to live just to impress people. Congratulations to this couple

Thank you so much for your feedback Sir.

No body cares if you ate with meat or without. Live within your means.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Even the weddings that people spent millions on, after the guests get home the memory of the event begins to fade; it is even worse after the attend the next week’s wedding.
Just do the wedding within your means, nothing will happen. Thanks for this write up.

Thank you so much Sir for your feedback.

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