Before You Share “The Nudes”. Remix


By Ovundah Nyeche.  

Few weeks ago, or was it days ago a picture trended on social media.

The picture originally shared on a guy’s Facebook timeline made its way to several blogs and was shared many times on Facebook.

In the picture a young guy and lady where shown behind a wrapper that acted as a screen which was held by his two friends.

The guy had his underwear on his feet while the lady had her panties as well on her feet and the picture suggested they were having a dark fellowship behind the screen, even though it looked like nothing was actually happening.

The picture was liked more than a thousand times and the comments were something else.

The lady was mysterious as no one really knew who she was, only for her to respond saying she was set up because she refused to have sex with the guy, her explanation was bland, and the more she tried to explain the more she sank deeper in the pit she dug for herself.

Looking at her bio, it was evident she was just a secondary school student and it was obvious she had never had that kind of backlash in her life.

It was unfortunate that what she thought was fun with friends and a secret was shared online and broke the internet. I hope she comes out better.

Young lady, I know the temptation to share nudes is very high. Trust me you will get the likes and comments, you would probably get your inbox on fire, some blogs will feature you and you will get very popular.

However popularity does not necessarily mean anything. Trends would come and go and you will need to be continually crazy to always be on the news.

Also people would definitely get tired… “E heh she is nude again”. But after then what next?

Finally the Internet does not forget. No not everyone just liked or commented on your steamy post. Some stored them in their archives, some have them on their web page. Some have it as a future weapon for blackmail.

And yes nobody gets nude forever. The day will come when your brain is calm and you would want to upgrade. Think politics, think marriage, think a business deal, think something bigger and better than your present level- You won’t remain at this level forever.

And yes some of those who hailed you and who you thought were on your side  will pull it out, those that hate you will pull it out. You will see for yourself that time changes perspective. Your children if you have any then, will also see their mama in her full ‘gory’

Don’t be in a hurry to compare yourself with the Kardashian clan and aspire to be like them.

For every Kim Kardashian, there are thousands that…

And yes, if that guy, the one you like tells you to send him your naked pictures or you think to get him to like you, your naked pictures can do the trick, think again.

From one phone or device, your nude pictures can be online.

Before you share those nude pictures, pause, think and reconsider; and don’t do it.

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Chei, where’s your like button oh. Lemme just say I like! ❤

Thank you Annie, the like button is staring at you…lol.

You have nailed it again OVD. My wife will always say that the Internet never forgets. we really need to think things thru before acting, my take.

Thank you for your feedback Sir.

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