Staph this, Staph that…

Months ago a relative called me, and she was sounding scared on phone. She had just done a laboratory test and it showed she was infected with “Staphylococcus aureus”. She actually called me for free prescription. I was more angry with her for spending money doing an unnecessary investigation and calling me for free prescription. She ended up not taking any drug and she ended up using the report as trash. She had no infection whatsoever.

Also a couple who got married for sometime where scared when a report told them the cause of their infertility was staph and candida. Well that was the least of their problems, she actually had uterine fibroids and sorting it sorted the challenge.

Today saw a post on Facebook where someone was talking about this same Staph and a lot of gullible people were feeding on these lies.

Okay back to the basics, your skin no matter how you bathe is not as clean as you think. Staph which is actually a bacteria actually lives on your skin, nose, respiratory tract and even healthy lower reproductive tracts of females. In laymen terms na their house, they reside there, but sometimes cause diseases at these areas.

Guess what unlike what you are been told, they mainly cause Skin infections and can cause more serious problems if they leave the skin and enter into the blood stream. Also, many times when you do a skin swab and even urine culture, or even sperm culture or a high vagina swab. You will see Staph aureus, no be say e dey cause any wahala of sorts, mainly as a contaminant.

Yours truly you can take it to the bank, Staph aureus does not cause infertility. If you have money to dash people, you can send it to my account; At least I advise you Na.

Also you can take it to the bank, the cost of dialysis is very expensive in Nigeria and the price of a renal transplant is not a small something. Mind what you take into your body.


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