Home or War Front, Garden or Refuse Dump???

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Months ago, I visited a mentor of mine, to learn at his feet and he took me to his garden to show me how his cucumbers were doing. The sun was in its full glory, the heat from the sun was scorching but as he opened the gate to his garden, it was as though we were entering a different world all together.

If I did not know better I would have thought he had an air conditioner installed in the garden. I saw giant sized cucumbers which we harvested and cucumbers at different levels of development. The environment was also very serene and devoid of the noise outside. I remember him squatting to uproot weed, nothing must hinder the growth of his cucumbers.

Next time when I visit him, l will surely go to the garden. Don’t you love gardens? I do. Gardens evoke a special feeling in humans, yeah, our first home was in a beautiful garden located at Eden. This garden was planted by God himself and the first man Adam was put there, he would start his family in a garden.

A garden protects from the scorching sun; is your wife protected from the scorching rays of depression, challenges and even interference from in laws in your home?

A garden is serene and makes you want to visit again, is your home so ambient and peaceful that your husband always wants to run back home, does the atmosphere at home make him stay anywhere else apart from the house ?

Most gardens have a nursery, where tender seedlings are developed (hope I am right horticulturists). Is your home a place where your children can watch, learn and grow to their full potentials, or a place where they learn how to fight with the opposite sex or use verbal abuse as a tool for submission? Is your home a place where God is represented or misrepresented?

A home is not just about how beautiful the house is, or where it is located… But what goes on within the walls of the house.

Years ago a seemingly godly palace in fact King David’s palace, though beautiful and grand was a perfect environment for abuse, rape, incest and sexual immorality.

What are you doing to make your home, heaven on earth? Is your home a wilderness or a garden? Is it a war front or home front? Is it a garden or a refuse dump?

If it is not a garden, what are you doing to make it one?

God bless you and do have a great week ahead.



A very important food for thought. Thank you for the reminder..

Thank to you so much.

Brother! God bless you.

Amazing piece! A garden doesn’t just exist. Any possibility of that would give you a forest (a rowdy multi-mixed setting). A garden is conciously and intentionally planted. #Vnabigs

Thank you so much for your feedback.

God help us cultivate our garden. Amen.
Thanks Dr. Ovd.

Amen, thank you so much for your feedback.

@Vnabigs… Surely a garden is planted consciously and intentionally…. Looked after painstakingly… And the result amazing. I pray we build garden homes. Thanks OVD nwenne.

Thank you so much Ma for your feedback, let’s share the message.

For gardens to nurture, the tenderer must have a heart. That’s the kind of heart we all should have at home. Besides having a heart, one should be patient. Patience sustains love and these must be continuous. We should plant good seeds and uproot weeds in all our gardens. Thanks OVD.

A great response Sir, thank you for your feedback.

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