War No Be Riot….Give Peace a Chance.


By Ovundah Nyeche.

What many clamouring for war  and sharing inciting statements on social media fail to understand is that if a war breaks out, there would be no electricity to charge that phone or device  they are using for propaganda.

Also even if there is electricity, the internet will likely be shutdown, and there would be no avenue for you to disturb people, or share pictures of people being slaughtered on the internet. Electricity will become an exclusive right of the elites.

Also even if internet services are available, you would always be on the run and you would likely be tracked down by those you are running away from through your phone.

And many of the people hailing you who stay abroad, will use your misery to seek funds from International organizations and “Hammer” ( make money) on your head when it happens.

And the main instigators would be cooling themselves up, while their boys are killed on the battle field. Like it is said, “General no dey die for war” ( A General is not killed in a war).

War is not a three hour movie, a riot, or just something that is a flash in the pan, it may take years and by the time it is over; If you eventually make it alive, it would take generations to clear up the mess generated by your stupidity and impetuousness.

Let’s all stand and be counted, never allow war mongers to control the narrative.

Don’t allow war mongers to tell our story for us.

Make person wey life don tire no rope people wey get wonderful things ahead of them for in own wahala (Let someone who is fed up on life not instigate people that have a beautiful future ahead of them into trouble).

Let’s speak for peace and let your voice be heard.

Let’s give dialogue and peace a chance.

Wahala no good.


#HearWord #HearWordSeries



OVD, I think the war is already here.

It is not, there will be no war

It is not, there will be no war

Thank you so much for your feedback.

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