“I want war”, says the excited young man.

By Ovundah Nyeche.

The young man shouts ” I want warwar or death”. The boy on social media say “Give me guns and I would kill all these people” amidst likes and comments. He has never seen a real war before, in fact the last time a crisis happened when he was in university he ran faster than a hungry lion chasing an antelope. His social media handle shows he stays in a different continent from place where he supplies “Petrol” for the embers daily.

When I was younger I loved war films; “Hard way the only way”, “Wild Geese”,  “Delta Force”, “Solo”. I was fascinated by how a single soldier who we called ‘The actor” could defeat everyone almost single-handedly and how towards the end of the movie, he killed “The evil one or boss” ( pronounced Booze).

In these war films, The warring soldiers were mainly affected, however in reality women, children and civilians are the worse hit in wars and crisis situations.

When wars or disasters break out, “the big boys” and instigators usually feed fat from it, their families will be in foreign countries, they will fly into foreign countries in private jets and have peace keeping meetings with those in the opposing camp and they will sleep in five star hotels while this last, they will lobby to win contracts to supply weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile young boys will be forcefully enlisted into the army and those that oppose will be killed before they even say no. Yeah “No” does not work in wars, it is “Obey the last command”. This last command may even be you holding a gun and killing your loved ones.

Schools would be a luxury, Ugwu leaves would be worth its wealth in gold, two meals in a day will be “bae”, a sound sleep will be only for the elite, a lizard would suddenly be tastier than a well cooked chicken, people would lose their virginity because of a scoop of salt and milk, and dreams would turn to nightmare.

The big boys will struggle to be in charge of provision of relief materials to displaced people in refugee camps and they will enrich themselves at the expense of these hapless and vulnerable people, soldiers will rape and defile any thing that can be defiled once orgies come and when these wars end the instigators if they play their card well will take over leadership and continue their luxurious lifestyle from where they stopped.

Leaving behind broken dreams, broken families and unhealed scars.

Wars and crisis, lead to no where in particular, the devastating effect can not be quantified or adequately explained in words.

Let’s embrace peace.

No one really wins any war.

Its effect does not respect race, colour or creed.

Be a peacemaker.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

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The possibility of another war in Nigeria became more real to me yesterday. The idea is currently less far fetched to me.

In war everyone loses. No one actually wins.

But will they hear?

MAy God help us face whatever outcome the offing holds.

Well said Lois, peace is priceless

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