Count Your Teeth With Your Tongue… Child Dedication Palaver

By Ovundah Nyeche.

Chisa was really really worried, this was the third month since the birth of her son. But she was losing weight and joy. Her baby’s dedication time was approaching and her family was under intense pressure at the moment.

Weeks ago she was in Sandra’s baby’s dedication; the reception held in a popular hotel in GRA, the environment was serene and peaceful, the lighting in the hall was scintillating and breath taking, she had hired a professional lighting specialist to light up the place to match the colours of the day. Sandra was dressed like an angel and she was adorned with pearls made from the finest of hands.

Sandra looked so good, her husband also gave her an SUV as her child’s dedication gift, the caterers serving the food also looked well groomed, the aroma coming from the small chops, samosa, spring rolls and snails prepared was enough to satisfy you, each table had a small bottle of Martinellis wine for each guest and there were also customised souvenirs for each guest.

They even invited a top gospel artiste, who sent the guests on a tour to heaven and back, the MC was also reeling out rib cracking jokes to the delight of the guests.

After she left, she felt more worried, how will hers be?  The pictures of the event on social media also made her more depressed. Three weeks later Tracy invited her for her baby’s dedication too, it was not different from Sandie’s. How do these people get money, do they plant money on trees?

Her baby’s dedication would not be any different. She would borrow if there was need to, #300,000 would be adequate to do at least the smallest dedication. She wanted to rock those beads her mum gave to her and she wanted to tie that beautiful wrapper she saw in Chioma’s shop. At worse she would buy on credit and pay back later.

She would also order matching shirts for her entire family from a good fashion designer who was her friend on social media.  Her other friends got their clothes from him and these outfits made her salivate.

Her husband was also under pressure as the proposed date was approaching, and the money they expected was not in sight. What kind of embarrassment was this? She suddenly started fasting and praying, for breakthrough, money must change hands. All the money they needed must come. Her own case would not be different.

Come on, even Daisy not doing as well as they were doing, had her child’s dedication; no way if needs be, they would borrow money for their own baby’s dedication. She knew it would be shameful to borrow from Sandie, so she made up her mind to borrow money from the money lender who lives not too far from her. “At all, at all, na in bad pass”!

However something happened seven days ago that changed everything and changed her. She went to see her Pastor to remind him of the date for her baby’s dedication. She had earlier met the money lender , who had agreed to give her the loan for the dedication , with only a 25% interest rate and she was to borrow, #300,000.

But as she approached her Pastor after the midweek service something happened. She noticed a lady and her husband was standing with their Pastor. The Pastor was also praying and laying hands on their baby. Was this not Miriam and her husband doing very well financially? They were living in their own house and Miriam had one of the biggest baby shop in a very choice location.

Did Miriam not deliver almost at the same time with her, was it not Miriam’s baby the Pastor’s wife was carrying? Was the pastor not dedicating the baby? What is happening here? She said to herself.

As the husband, wife, their baby left the altar, she moved towards them to greet them. She had not seen Miriam’s baby, since she delivered, as they also delivered at about the same time. She exchanged pleasantries with the family and they told her they just had their baby’s dedication.

She went with them outside and as they entered their car to leave, she took her phone out of her purse, called her husband and they spoke for a while. After speaking with her husband, she went back into the church and spoke with the Pastor, they were fixing their baby’s dedication for next week Wednesday after the mid-week service and it was strictly a family affair.

She just counted her teeth, with her tongue and it was 32; and yes God answered her prayers, money did not change hands as she expected, but wisdom changed hands, which was far better.

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Very informative post. I have to cut my teeth with my tongue again and again. Can’t afford to wait for child dedication before I count o. I must start counting right now!

I guess the your teeth are 32 in number. Wisdom is always profitable to direct. Thanks for your feedback Sir.

Wisdom is profitable to direct. One of my rules in life is never borrow money for the purpose of throwing a parry. I will soon do my own sef, lemme goan count my teeth.

Congratulations on the birth of your babies and your children dedication. Thanks for your feedback.

Nice. I learnt this the hard way. I wanted a simple dedication for my first baby, everybody was like ‘ah ah, for your first pikin? No nah’.

Anyway I still made it simple but not as simple as I had originally planned. When the dedication ended, na so my eye clear. Everybody was gone….. lol.

Until we attended a friend’s baby dedication that ended with the service. No reception whatsoever. People talked. After one week, we all forgot about it.

My people, cut your coat, according to your pocket.

Well said Sir.. Lol @ everybody was gone.

Great post….
Only borrow to get an asset…

Thank you for your feedback Chike, keep reading and sharing our articles.

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