Boyoyo, winter is coming…


By Ovundah Nyeche.


When Boyoyo was fifteen years old, it was all babes, babes, babes… He was the first among his peers to get a babe.

In his university years…he painted the campus red… babes, babes, babes… He was  nick named “His sexcellency”.

Post University days…Ijeoma, Nkechi, Tracy, Mercy, Christy, Bose, Ekaete were not even enough…

When you hear him brag about his sexcapades, you would be tempted to think that he will win a Nobel Laureate for his indiscretions…

He prides himself in playing ladies like a piano…He gets pleasure seeing ladies fight over him…


Boyoyo is aging and he thinks he is a  grownup because of his age, but Boyoyo has a lot of growing up to do.

Boyoyo calls it fun, but he never knows he will soon be stunned.

He calls it the life, but if he looks up, he would notice a knife over his head.

He calls it a game, yeah he is right, but he is actually the game, as the hunter takes aim.

He calls it a fling, but cannot see the stinger about to sting.

He calls it enjoyment, but does not realize it is embalmment in disguise.

Grow up Boyoyo, winter is coming and your doors and windows are broken…Grow up Bomboy.

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