Blood Sugar and Power failure…

​By Ovundah Nyeche


​Me: Oga how are you?
Him: Bros I am fine…
Me: What were you taking these herbs for?..
Him: Point of correction, they are not herbs but natural remedies.

In for just shout, “Order, Order”.

Me: Okay Sir, what did you take the “Natural remedies” for?
Him: Thank you very much, I took it to cleanse my system and it is working!

See me, see work…

Him again: My blood sugar even came down taking it for months.

If only he knew, I was looking for a good way to break a bad news.

Me: Oga is your ‘kini’ working properly?
Him: Thank you, ah it is not oh, and it has taken long the ‘ihae’ is working. In fact from “Half current”, there is now “Power failure.”

Wife gets more interested, looks like the ‘ihae’ was more of a concern to him than even the leg and abdominal swelling he had.

Me: If the herbal concoction, sorry natural remedies ( His look is like”If you like call it anything, just do something about this kini”) really sorted out the blood sugar, it would have handled the “ihea”.

Looking at the lab results, it was obvious his kidney function were deranged, also the abdominal ultrasound scan did not give a good report of his kidneys.
We will be preparing him for kidney replacement therapy.

The price a lot of people pay for saying “God forbid” when they are diagnosed of Hypertension and Diabetes.

It is a pity that after running away from the doctor and gulping all kinds of things including olive oil, they finally come back to you when  their ‘kini’ and indeed life has been sapped out of them.

Hypertension and Diabetes is more than having headache or seeing sugar in your urine, get properly educated and get involved in your treatment.

In another news 

When your doctors tell you something, better #HearWord.
If you know you will eventually go to the hospital, then go there at first…
I don talk my own.

No animal was killed in the making of this movie.

#HealthyLiving #Health #HearWord #HearWordSeries


I have personally gotten many a non compliant diabetic man to comply by telling them it was uncontrolled DM making them “weak”. Even without their mentioning it I tell them it makes men weak. I bless the day the thought entered my head. It works Everytime!

If only a lot more know that their blood sugar do more damage than they think. Thanks for your comment Lois.

Humbling experience, I must say, when some men realize DM reduces their libido. They be asking you if they can take Glibenclamide twice or thrice a day. Lol
I think however, we ought to be more proactive as health workers in educating patients as part of our consultations

Healthcare providers need to do more, but it takes even more then more to break the culture of not being interested in your health

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