By Ovundah Nyeche.

Donald went out early today, he had an appointment by 8:00 am and he did not want to arrive late. But when he got midway to his destination,  he was held up in traffic, a journey of thirty minutes was now approaching one hour.

The cars in front of him were moving slower than a tired tortoise, “What was the cause of this traffic?” He asked himself. When his car finally reached the bottle neck, he discovered that there was an accident. The occupants of the car were rushed to the hospital and their lives were hanging by a thin thread.

Mr A was driving in his lane, he had the right of way, Mr B was driving in Mr A’s lane from the opposite direction, and was trying to overtake another car, he saw Mr A approaching, flashed him and assumed Mr A would slow down. Mr A wanted to teach Mr B a lesson, ” Mr B should know he was driving in a lane not his and should slow down” he said. And before we could shout #Hearword they had a head-on collision. They were really in a bad shape and their vehicles were damaged beyond repair.

As Donald passed their wrecked vehicles, he felt so much pity for the drivers. The road was freer after the impasse and then he suddenly remembered that he had an appointment to catch, looking at the clock in the car he had just twenty minutes to get to the venue.

He had to march his foot throttle so his car could move faster, he had an appointment to catch. As he got closer to the venue, he saw an incoming vehicle about fifty meters away, trying to overtake a truck. He flashed the driver, but the driver was still speeding, horned but he was still speeding. Donald simply applied his break, slowed down and cleared from the road to allow the impatient and reckless driver overtake the truck. He would not be the next one involved in a head on collision.

Even though he was right, he simply slowed down and cleared from the road. He knew “gree-gree” will land him where he never intended going. He got to the venue for the appointment on time, and the day was a great day for him.

As he approached home after the day, his smile soon turned to a frown, he was going to meet his annoying wife. They had been having several arguments and had not talked to themselves for awhile. From looking like a couple on a ship going to a destination few years ago when they married, they were looking like two people driving different cars in the opposite direction in full speed, they were in fact complete strangers now living under the same roof.

As Donald thought about his day, he realised his home was gradually going on a collision course and he realised that this “gree-gree” would help no one, he realised he slowed down for an impatient and reckless driver who was a perfect stranger so their cars and live would be spared, how much more his wife, the love of his life.

As he got to the gate of his house rather than entering inside, he reversed his car, went to a supermarket got his wife some stuff including a necklace and a perfume and when he came back knelt down to apologise to her and made a decision to listen better and told her he was willing to work on their relationship and be better for their relationship. While she was still opening her mouth, wondering what happened, he gave her the perfume and put the necklace on her neck, by this time she was now crying and asking for forgiveness too.

Who loves head on collisions? Donald did not and I am sure, you don’t too. Make that move, slow down and save your marriage; “gree-gree” will take you no where, save onlookers the anguish of looking at your badly damaged cars.


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When we all decide that we are not always right, when we all decide that we need each other to coexist peacefully, the world will be a much better place.

Good one am bless by this article, things I thought I knew is like a new thing to me now Thank you doctor for this.

Thank you for your feedback

Just bumped into this blog via a link. Good job Dr.Ovunda. u are really imparting lives,I’m inspired.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

Thank you for your kind words…Let others know about the blog too.

Thank you for this. True true, gree gree no help anybody…

Thanks for your comment Nengi.

This write-up is on point!

Thank you for reading this post and commenting, let others know about “Who gree-gree help? Make that move”. Great hearing from you Iyke Abolle.

Well done Sir…God bless you

Thanks and amen, Ma.

tamunobelema alamina

True, even if your right, it’s interesting to see the other persons reaction some times. Have the bigger picture in view

Thanks for your comment Belz

Another wonderful piece OVD. God bless you bro. We all sure need to slow down at some points in life to avoid collisions.

Thank you so much Sir for your feedback.

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