Every Spirit of Show Off, Die by Fire…

By Ovundah Nyeche

One spirit a lot of Nigerians need to bind most is “the spirit of show off”. It is a close relative to the spirit of pride and hypocrisy, it manifests itself in different ways.

Mr X has a seventy year old mother who has been bedridden for a while, the condition worsened recently, but she was managed at home, she was brought to the hospital when things were already very critical, looking at her very closely you could see obvious signs of neglect.

Rumours have it that it is prestigious to die in the hospital and it will add weight to her burial and portray their family in good light, it would also be noteworthy to include the expensive hospital she died in on the burial poster.

Mr X claimed he had no money during her admission and so refused to do her investigations or even buy her drugs, the family barely visited or stayed around.

However, when she passed away, He cried the loudest. Her obituary poster indicated the name of the hospital where she died and the prestigious morgue her body was kept. It has also been announced in the newspaper, as well as local radio and TV stations. “Spirit of Show off”!!!

Mpa as he is called stays in the village. The roof of his house has been leaking for some time now, He is a retired civil servant and most of his children stay abroad.

Three months ago some of the ceilings in his room gave in, but nothing was done about it.


Mpa died last month and plans are on top gear for his burial. I am told his coffin will be carried by a limousine and his house has finally been renovated, in fact it has been upgraded to an upstairs.

All Mpa needed when he was alive was just to change the roof of his house and feel the presence of his loved ones. “Spirit of Show off”.

Mrs XY just passed on and none of her male children ever visited her when she was in the hospital, even though they were around, they spoke many times with the caregiver on phone and felt their mother had all the time. Now they post great tributes and photographs of their mum on social media, “Spirit of Show off”.

Mr Y almost never had his medication. His doctors contributed money for him whenever he came for his checkup and he always came alone. He died recently and I am told one of his relative is footing the bill for the entire burial, and he is also the Chief mourner.

Mma is eighty years old and has been on admission for close to a month with just only two people coming around to visit her. In fact the ward maid’s extra duty was to personally attend to her, as her family were almost never around. She just passed on and I am told there is a crowd in the hospital and hospital staff can barely enter the ward, as the crowd blocked the entrance to the ward.

The crowd is also weeping and saying great things about her. Where was this crowd for the past one month? “Spirit of Show off“

Are you looking for what to bind, then bind the “Spirit of Show off” and make a difference in people’s lives when they are alive. They will never last in this world forever and before you finish reading, liking, commenting or sharing this post; have you given your life to Jesus Christ? He loves you so much and has made a plan for you not just in this world but in eternity.

Give your life to Jesus Christ today. A life lived without Christ is too risky!!!

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