By Ovundah Nyeche


How do you treat very successful people and people you look up to? I don’t need to wait for the answer. Imagine you dreaming to have an audience with a dignitary and you had the opportunity before you, what would be your response? Don’t worry, my response would be same as yours.

But wait a minute, if these ones were disguised would you treat and honour them the same way? Imagine that dignitary wearing a different cloth, looking unkempt and probably coming down from a taxi, would he still get the regard he deserves? Would you respond to him or her if they ask you for directions? Or if they ask for your help?

Years ago, while working in a hospital, we admitted a patient for complications arising from a chronic condition. This condition required monitoring and the patient was not very cooperative.  She did not seem to have funds for most of her treatment, but all the same we gave her the best kind of care possible. In my estimation the patient looked poor and her biodata never struck a bell.

But something happened, at about midnight, the governor of the state came to visit her in the hospital. It was shocking seeing the lady being so familiar with the state governor and I had imagined how embarrassing it would have been if we were hostile and rude to her.

I also remember attending to a patient who was brought into the emergency unit, by two men. One of them was her husband and another their relative. After attending to them, one of the men gave me his complimentary card and I discovered he was a senior Judge in the state.

People may not always look it, but it is important you consciously make an effort to treat people nicely. You don’t know who is who, and you never know who can change your life for good. Don’t always be in the habit of sizing people up and thrashing them if they don’t meet your mental estimation.

I have seen people being rude to other people, because of how insignificant they thought they were; but later when they discovered who these people really were, suddenly began acting very courteous. That person you just overlooked and disregarded may just be the vessel you needed for your promotion.

Stop stratifying people based on their outward appearance; even though you have concluded on them as being insignificant, never forget that they are humans too.


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naice one…..ever so true

Nice to read this. I’ve learnt something here.

Very true, big dress is not always big man

Thanks for your feedback Tunji

True to the core.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

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