By Ovundah Nyeche

Who sheds tears looking at a wedding card? Well Sam was. He clutched so hard at the card, reading the words carefully to avoid any mix-up – “There must be a mistake somewhere”, he thought. The more He read, the more the words sunk deeper. What did he do, to deserve this ‘ death sentence ‘.

He thought Nkechi was all his, all these years. He thought he had crossed all his T’s and dotted all his I’s. Well he just discovered he did that with a chalk and there was no sign he ever had an A not to take of a T.

Nkechi was a dear friend, and he had been nice to her all these years, he gave her money regularly, drove her in his car, took her out for dinner, followed her to church, he went to the cinema with her occasionally, he even followed her to the market to shop, something he detested doing… What else could he have done to prove to her he really meant business? What else did she expect from him? Did she expect him to kill himself to prove to her he would eventually have married her? Did she not see the obvious signs?

Nice Sam, was also technically dumb… He regularly brushed aside any talk about moving their relationship forward. “Nkechi, I am just your friend ” he usually told her. Just like how people of the old avoided people that had leprosy, he avoided any topic that had to do with marriage; according to him, “He had to take his time and was not in a hurry. This was four years since they became friends, She was usually the first person he called when he woke up, and the last before he slept.

Well last year, Johnny came into her life and he meant business. He struck her keys and chords better than an expert guitarist. Johnny was a breathe of fresh air, at least he was sure he did not just want to be her friend. The time she spent with Sam was also reducing and the calls becoming less frequent.

Eight months into her friendship with Johnny, he proposed to her and she gladly accepted… and here was Sam weeping uncontrollably  as he held their wedding card.

So much for being just a friend.

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