Some men are like flies… Always looking for open food to feast on; and once flies perch on food no matter how attractive it looks the food is never the same again. And flies what is it that happens to them again?

He comes around you and showers you with gifts, he buys you food during your lunch break whether you request for it or not, he gets you the latest perfumes, toiletries, jewelries,  trendy wears, and takes you out to classy eateries. He says nothing to you in particular, you tell your friends he is caring and it is the favour of God and when they press further press you, you tell them he is God sent. 

He goes a step further he gives you money, you never worked for, takes your bank account and the constant alert makes your phone heavy. You do your background check and you know he is married, you have always known this; but you reassure yourself saying “It’s not my fault, why is he all over me… I have what his drab wife does not have and can never give to him, she is not my class.”

You know he gives you stuff he does not give to his wife and he gives you all the attention,  you know you are destroying another person’s home, but know this is none of your business, my belle first, others later; the single guy running all around you has no money to show for his efforts, “He has to try harder…I have bills to foot, na love person go chop” you say to yourself.

Every night his wife cries… She just saw your message last night and he beat her up mercilessly for daring to touch his phone, no skin pain, it’s not your fault, it’s his and her fault. “If she kept him in chains he should be going home to meet her, if he kept himself under check you would have been with someone else, if she has what you have he would have been running home.” You tell yourself

And so the journey continues… You are praying to “God” to give you a “God fearing”, rich man as a husband, better than that woman’s husband; I am better than many girls at least I am not desperate and I don’t want to marry him, I will leave him alone once my prince in shining amour shows up… #HearWord — Your time of reckoning is coming, the cane prepared for you is currently been cleared at the wharf.

You better stop and repent, before you are stopped

And you married man, that have refused to allow single ladies to rest, you that has always made your wife to shed tears because of your stupid sexcapades, you destroying the destinies of unmarried ladies due to your lack of self-control, you putting your family in harm’s way because of that bulge below your waist line.  The strong hand that will touch you is closer than you can imagine; also just think of how happy you will be if people play with you sisters and daughters the way you are doing with others. Drink water from your own well only and let it satisfy you.

Yes, you always spending quality time discussing with that pretty colleague of yours,  of the opposite sex, you always spending quality time discussing personal issues with her but once you step your feet into your house, you transform into an angry irritable lion and can hardly communicate with your wife; Receive sense,  every journey begins with a step.

When people have married each other, everyone should remember that. Everyone should remember that it is a very good and important thing. Husbands and wives must not have sex with anyone else. Nobody should have sex with someone who is not their own wife or their own husband. God will punish everyone who does not obey those rules. Heb 13:4 Easy English Version


Stop fascinating about that piece of stale bread, and miss the bakery you have.

Drink water from your own well only!


#hearword #ihearpramine #purity #selah


We should indeed drink from our wells! When you steal water from the well of others, don’t expect yours to be left for you alone.

Drinking from a well other than yours definitely attracts future reaping of “the spoiler’s woe”.

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