By Uchenna Ezenwa Akujobi

After they took the blood out. I got a call from downstairs, she was ready. OK, I stood up. I was gonna rush down to get to work but as I took two steps, I realised I was seeing one kind one kind, men were looking like trees, I was drowsy. I’ve heard this happens to blood donors a lot but not me.
Lab Scientist held me back. “Doc are u okay?”
Me: My brother I’m fine, only be say my back just dey pain me small.
Him: Oya sit down.
Me: No, no, no I’m fine, I stepped out, and managed my way to the staircase, by now the stairs were like a roller-coaster in my eyes. I practically crawled down. As I reached downstairs I realised this drag-drag was a total waste of valuable energy. As I fought it, it got worse. I found my way to the consulting room and laid down on the examination couch. I needed a five minute rest. As you’d expect, I slept off…I was having all sorts of nightmares.

I saw myself with Virginia in a cemetery, we were taking a walk and discussing. She said she was sorry for all she’d put her family through. It seemed like I was seeing her off to somewhere. We got to some point and we were to say our goodbyes. She gave me a friendly tap on the shoulder like an elder sister.

This didn’t seem right. As she tapped my shoulder and said “do take care”. I felt a tap on my shoulder in real life. “Doc!! Doc!!!!” I woke up. It was student Nurse.
“Doc are you okay? We’ve been looking for you for about an hour”
Me: Jesus! An hour? (I jumped up) How’s Virginia? ”
Student Nurse: She’s stable Sir, after the injection and the drip her vitals have come up. Her blood pressure is now 100/60 mmHg, we wanted to know if we should give the blood. Head nurse said you’re going to check something first”
I couldn’t hear anything else. I was so scared.
Me: Is she awake now?
Student Nurse: No sir, she’s still unconscious.
I stood up, my eye was finally clear
Me: You can go on, I’d meet you guys.
As she left, I sat down in my chair and thanked God for saving this poor girl… Chie!!! That moment when it’s clear it’s not by your power, He even did it in my sleep so I wouldn’t dare take His glory.

I joined them in the procedure room and boy I’ve never seen products of conception clogging a cervix like this in my entire life. Virginia was still pouring. Bleeding like a slow leaking tap. If I didn’t stop this bleeding, everything else would be a waste of time.

Me: “Oya oo, prepare for an evacuation, set up the blood, let it go slowly. I’d need some more infusions, some more uterine stimulants to stop this bleeding… Everything. I was blabbing again, thank God for intelligent nurses. As I was blabbing they were trooping out and back in and before I could land, all I needed was before me…Phewww!!
Student Nurse: Doc do you need anything else? (She was being cocky)
Me: Yeah
Student Nurse: What? (shocked)
Me: Fried rice, chicken and a cold bottle of coke.
They all laughed, the energy was positive and we were optimistic.
I’ve done this a million times so why are my hands shaking? Well, the fear of a uterine perforation is the beginning of wisdom.

The more we evacuated, the more products there were. No signs that the uterus was empty and then the bleeding kept coming, I was confused, terrified, this girl had barely any blood left. Why was she still pouring? How much more blood loss could she still withstand? This could only be God, my faith grew stronger.

“Nne” I said looking towards the student nurse, please discontinue the blood, set up an infusion and put some uterine stimulant in it. Let that one run instead, set a tray, let me try to get another intravenous access to give the blood simultaneously.
In no time she was getting both the blood and the infusion.

That should help, I said reassuring myself.
I went back to continue emptying the uterus.
And from nowhere something very terrible happened…?
My God! …??

I’m so sorry. I’d finish this later. My battery is out again and my beans dey fire… Plus my dogs are barking… Let me check on them please.


Any similarity between any person in the above story and any other person living, dead or in between is surely a coincidence.

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Uchenna Ezenwa Akujobi studied Medicine and Surgery in the University of Port Harcourt. He is a stock trader, a practicing doctor; and writing happens to be one of many things he is very fond of. He is passionate about sharing authentic and useful health information with the public in forms that are very interesting, easy to read and relate with. When not relating with humans he spends time grooming and raising his dogs.



Hahaha. Nice suspense shaping up. I see the hands of God! Indeed, it is neither by power nor by might… He did it in his sleep, so he wouldn’t dare take the glory. ???? We are but vessels in God’s hand. ? I anticipate a happy ending, but what do I know? Lemme continue sipping tea as I await the concluding episodes.

Dr Uchennaaaaaaaa! Chai! This suspense can trigger another cold war o!

This your suspense is something else Doc. Great job I must say. Looking forward to the concluding part of the story.

Thank you so much Sir for your feedback.

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