” I do keto, I do keto”, she said. She was also a keto police of sorts.

And so she left home that morning, talking about keto and sharing keto recipes on social media.

She landed at the seminar which was very stressful, tea break was not keto, so she ignored it.

By the time lunch was served later in the evening, her stomach was already grumbling and making sounds reminiscent of the sounds in a music producer’s studio.

To make the matters worse, she was sitting very close to the caterer’s table. The aroma from the well prepared egusi soup , gave her senses an upper cut.

All she remembers is that by her side was a demolished plate or was it two wraps of garri and the bowl that housed what was before an egusi soup palace was now empty.

” Just for today” she told herself.

But no the demons against keto had another plan, she was invited for a banquet that evening and the sight of the buffet was mouth watering. The room was filled with the aroma of the delicacies prepared for the guests.

It is not, sorry it is my portion she said. If Daniel did it, I will do same. If Daniel could overlook Nebuchadnezzar’s lavish banquet, so would she.

Okay Daniel ate pulses instead, but she decided to take salad, but as she got to the buffet table, the sight of the pepper soup with pieces of meat at attention stunned her and pepper soup she took.

She downed it, wow and it tasted very well. She saw her colleagues eating rice and so she went back to the table and had only salad, the salad she initially wanted, but the cream from the salad reminded her of when she was not doing keto.

She jumped again and you know salad has to go with rice and rice she collected and slayed. On her table were several bottles of soft drink and wine, oh yes she drank 2 bottles of soft drink and filled her wine glass and filled it again and again.

Her stomach smiled as it had not been used to such vanities in a long while, it did not know when this would happen again and so it kept stretching and she kept filling.

And she stood to leave at the end of the event, the veil on her eyes were removed and she found out that she just cheated. She just cheated the keto gods.

To make up when she reached home, she ate a portion of avocado and cabbage.

“I will not commit this sin again” she said, but only time will tell.

In another news

The sister’s name is not Miriam, but her brother is named Moses.


Pls how many animals were killed in the making of this epistle???
It takes so much discipline to really achieve that Keto thing abeg.

Ovd! How many times I call you?
Please leave us alone o!

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