By Oluchi Okafor Ugwunne.

So…this morning, around 3:00 am I was awake, and came downstairs to have a glass of water. As I poured myself a glass and took a sip, it suddenly occurred to me how tasteless the water was. I wondered why something so wonderful would come so plain.

Suddenly, it hit me how good men are very similar to water.

Compared to other drinks, water is plain. Tasteless. Colourless. Odourless. Few drinks are as unattractive as water. Water does not have the bright attractive colour of Fanta. It does not taste as sweet as Coke. Water doesn’t even have the tantalizing aroma of beverage.

But no drink can rehydrate and refresh as naturally as water does. No drink cleanses your system faster. No drink balances your pH more effortlessly. Hardly any other drink has as little side effects as water. It has medicinal properties. It agrees with all your body fluids. It’s an ally to your good health.

It works wonders.

We singles are sometimes caught up in the glam. We want spice, we want swag, and we want something that gets our adrenaline high. He must look good, smell good and have an intimidatingly awesome profile. He must be tall, dark and handsome, or fair, cute and lovable, with a bulging bank account.

All these are good…but at the end of the day, they aren’t the ultimate. Good men don’t always come in the best of packages, but the content is worth more than diamonds. They sometimes come as plain as water- no outstanding fragrance, no sharp colours, no taste.

But the things they’ll bring into your life will be amazing. The wisdom, the care, the love. Motivating you to achieve your dreams. Helping you to grow in God. Loving you and treating you like a queen
Ah, my sister, there are more important things than a good face or a hunk of a figure. Sometimes, it’s the deeper things that are more important- a man’s character, his walk with God… and how much he is willing to give up for you…and most importantly, if he’s God’s plan for you.

Don’t be too quick to let that person go because they don’t have what you think you want. No, my sister. Look a little closer. Consider deeper issues. Think about the long run, not just today. Re-prioritize. Because in the end, the important things are not the looks…or the physique….or even the size of the bank account.

The important thing is being in the centre of God’s will for your life.

In the end, a most vital consideration isn’t just necessarily that he makes your heart flutter, but that he also gives your heart rest.

Lord, I pray for wisdom even as many of us make this very important decision at this time of our lives- the choice of a life partner.
May we not judge by the seeing of our eyes or by the hearing of our ears…but let us be led by You, and cause us to walk in the right paths You have ordered for our lives, for we know that You make all things beautiful in Your time, and You will do so for each and every one of us in Jesus’ Name.

Oluchi Okafor Ugwunne studied Medicine in the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the author of Practical Advice for Girls and A Reason to Hope. Her life’s passion is helping young people discover and fulfill their God given destiny. She is married to her lovely friend and they are blessed with children.


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