Few days ago I was awake and needed to read something in the early hours of the day.

I switched on my laptop and heard a sound when I opened the monitor, the laptop blinked and went off.

I did all I could, but it was obvious the laptop did not have my time, it was obvious the laptop did not want to listen to a jack of all trades, it needed a master.

Later in the day, I picked up my phone and called a laptop repairer, who told me he was busy, but that I could come. I had no option but to get to his shop and he was busy. He had several laptops he was working on, and his apprentice did the coupling when he was done with these laptops.

I told him I had a seminar I was preparing for and needed my laptop fit as a fiddle, he sorted it out, upgraded my RAM and fixed a lingering sound and mouse issue.

After he was done, amidst bargaining, I had to part with 10,000 shekels, with I beg and thank you on top. As he was rounding up my work another person brought his laptop to him for repairs.

His shop, is so small and stuffy, but he leaves that shop daily with money to take care of himself and his family.

He never attended any computer engineering school, neither does he have any major in computer science. Curiously many people that have majors in this field, know nothing about computers and would probably dub to pass an outdated Fortran exam.

Ironically many people currently doing these majors would think it is beneath them to learn from people like this, even if they know they are supposed to learn this and will not be taught in school, also many will prefer to do IT in air-conditioned offices that add nothing to their experience and probably won’t equip them for challenges ahead.

When they graduate from school, they would demand #1 Million jobs, with 50 Kobo equivalent input to the corporation and will sulk when nothing comes their way in years.

Equip yourself, you cannot drink garri and vomit fried rice and chicken. No na

Never let your educational status limit you..

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Soli, Roland Samuel

Nice One. I hope I learn from it when the time comes

Soli, Roland Samuel

Nice One. I hope I make use of this knowledge at the appropriate time.

What did you learn Soli, Roland Samuel?

So true Boss!
In our society of today,your “degrees” mean nothing if your skills don’t match up!

You can say that again Ij.

Lovely write-up, I totally agree that many graduates greatest undoing is their “certificate”. God bless you Dr Nyeche.

Thank you Joshua, no matter how educated you are, if your education boxes you, then that education is questionable. Learning is a lifelong process and it is more than just having degrees.

Thank you for your comment, let’s do more.

commendable deposition OVD…certificate has really limited even our innate talents in this part of the world… so sad though!

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