Few weeks ago, while doing some stuff, a lady blurted “all men are the same”. She was responding to an erroneous notion that “all men are cheats”. I would have kept quiet and minded my business, but somehow because I knew her personally I had to address the issue being raised.

Many times ideas are promoted, when they are not challenged and surprisingly you even hear ladies in relationships condone their boyfriends that cheat, oya clap for yourself. If he is well to do, many times you hear, “it is not his fault, the girls keep jumping on him”, as if he has a sudden muscle weakness.

Back to the gist, I wanted to ask her a molecular question. Lady can you tell me the gene that codes for cheating in men?and tell me the loci? also what part of the brain has been localized to show men cheat? But for the fact that I would have caused more problems I decided to change the question.

I asked her a question, yeah a simple question. Where do you see motorcycles most in Port Harcourt? In her response she said Aluu axis. Beautiful, do you see motorcycles running in GRA? No Sir. So young lady would it be right to go to Aluu, see motorcycles running and then conclude that motorcycles are the major means of transportation in Rivers State? She said no. Okay, will it also be right to go to GRA and conclude that we have no motorcycle in Rivers State? she said no too.

Before finally going back to mind my business, I told her the issue may simply be that you are in Aluu and all you are seeing are motorcycles, please come to GRA.

In another news

I have a lot of married friends, yeah note the word “friends”, and I don’t know any of them playing games. One man, one wife,one man , one matchete, no side chicks, no side chick gist.

Stop clapping your hands when your boyfriend is playing away match, and should someone not married to you even play home match or rehearsals in the first place. You may probably be one of the reason why many irresponsible boys postulate that ” all girls are cheap”, which is very very false.

Many I know are worth more than rubies, but ironically because we are in the slay mama and soft papa generation, your eyes will not go there. Anyway, any day you decide to wake up is your morning, Good night.

Oya open your ear and #hearword

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