When I go out to speak to young people about sexual purity many times many questions and feedback I get make me want to do more.

Years ago a young guy bragging about his sexual escapades told of how his girlfriend washes down after they have sex to prevent pregnancy.

This sounded so true, because he sounded so sure. However as I grew older, I discovered the story he told was worse than a cock and bull story.

I also felt more for those who listened and believed him.

And so recently I was asked a question after a seminar ” Sir please we would love you to tell us if antibiotics stop pregnancy, because some people take it after sex to prevent pregnancy”.

After answering the question – Of course antibiotics can’t stop pregnancy from happening, pregnancy is not an infection.

I made a resolution to do more.

Please talk more with your children, make them trust you and open up totally to you.

The kind of toxic answers they usually get from peers, people of influence, social media and evil teachers who relish in spoiling the vineyard ; should make you step your game.

The era when parents advice their children by telling them ” Nkechi, hmmm Nkechi don’t allow a boy touch you oh or you will get pregnant or Sammie, you Sammie don’t touch a girl, she would get pregnant once you touch her and you would have succeeded in killing and disgracing me”, is no longer enough.

May God bless and keep our young ones.

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