Jane is a very beautiful and successful lady. She also loves God and ever since Emma set his eyes on her his eyes has been popping out.

Jane was well to do, had a good job and always had an infectious smile. Ever since Emma set his eyes on her his life had not remained the same.

He now saw her in his dreams. I will go closer to Jane he said, and closer he went and his feelings for her grew. They have been in talking terms for over six months and he felt so sure there was no one so close to her.

However he has been seeing two other guys close to her and who knows they will likely be having the same feeling for her as he has. He was scared of asking her out, he had faced so much rejection in the past.

In the past two years four ladies had told him no, the last two actually screamed no and told him not to call their phones again. He had never been this embarrassed in his life, he felt humiliated and worthless after they tore him to shreds.

Jane would not be rejection number five. And so he called Jane and told her he had something very important to tell him, there was so much urgency in his voice and so she obliged him.

They were to meet in a restaurant at 5:00 pm the day after he called her. The restaurant was known to her and she lived close by and so she was there by 4:55 pm, she also had another appointment later in the day.

Emma arrived ten minutes late, but was excited when he saw his Jannie well dressed and seated. He hurriedly went to her seat and asked her what she would take, a bottle of water she said.

And a bottle of water he ordered and so she was all ears to know why Brother Emma called her for this special time out. Emma cleared his throat and talked about the rumblings in his soul.

He gave her a sermon and told Jannie how the Lord has been telling him about her, he told her how the spirit always whispered her name to him, how she was his missing puzzle and then gave her a word from the Lord.

Jane, the Lord I serve told me to tell you that you are my wife. He also told me how many children we will deliver, I have been seeing you in my dream for the past two weeks and we are always in the garden at the cool of the day.

Jane was speechless, who was she a mere mortal to disobey Emma’s Lord. Emma looked at her and smiled as she digested his words. You are my wife Jane, my Lord never lies.

As they were still together, her phone rang and all he heard was okay, okay, oh thank you. Emma did not expect a reply soon, at least she would pray through it, “Jane cannot reject what God had said”, he said to himself.

Well Emma’s smile soon turned to a frown, as Jane was now smiling. Thank you so much Emma, I am also a daughter of the Lord and He is never an author of confusion.

As you can see, my fiancé was the one that just called me and he is actually waiting for me outside and we are going to see the Pastor to conclude on the date for our wedding, we hope to see you in our wedding. She thanked him as she left the restaurant to meet her fiancé.

Emma meanwhile was rooted to his seat, what will he now tell the Lord that did not tell him to say anything.


And Cushi ran….. even without a message

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