My little experience with talking with young people about homosexuality shows that they are not surprised about it and in fact many of them open up that they are pressurised by their peers and older people to engage in it.

I would have thrashed this as being one of those things, but if your ears are on the ground, you would discover that worldwide Nigeria is the country with the third highest Internet search and download as regards Gay pornography.

Yeah number three, only behind South Africa and Kenya. And if you talk to some young people, you will discover that homosexuality is no big deal to them. And perhaps for me my shock was deleted more than 20 years ago when young people were expelled from secondary school for engaging in it.

More than legislation, our young people would do with a lot of education as many times they are exposed to a lot of unwholesome stuff on social media, which is also a fertile ground for recruiting homosexuals.

Many people on Facebook and WhatsApp will agree that they may have received messages via their inbox to begin a homosexual relationship with another person who many times promise them heaven on earth and yes phones, money and gadgets.

The truth is that anal sex fascinates a lot of young people both male and female , who are many times oblivious to the several health challenges it poses and these days with many Nigerian online shops selling Sex toys, many people’s wishes are coming closer to their door steps.

In this picture shared in a medical forum, a man had to help himself with a bottle via his anus and the consequences were devastating.

Young people, anal sex can lead to tears in the anus, weaken the anal sphincter leading to faecal leaks, cause bleeding from the anus, lead to HIV, anal warts and cancer.

When God says you should not, he is saying it to safe guard your life.

Don’t allow fun, fantasies and experimentation destroy your life.

You were made for so much more.


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