Exams! I have written so many and I am yet to write more. All you did during the academic year about to be assessed; a time of reckoning, a time of stock-taking. A time to stand before your examiners for those who did oral exams.

One day we will all stand before an Examiner, the Examiner of Examiners, to give account of our life, to give account of the several opportunities He gave to us.

As we strive to live a better life, as we do all we can to have our bank accounts fat, as we do all we can to have super bodies, as we strive to get the best education, as we strive to look trendy and wear the best clothes, how do we care about our relationship with God? How do we respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit? How do we reverence Jesus Christ? How do we live our lives so we can matter in eternity?

Truly in all our getting, how much can we give in exchange for our soul? What kind of deal is it to get everything you want but lose yourself? What could you ever trade your soul for? ( Mat 16: 26 MSG ).

A life given wholly to God, a life lived in purpose is a life truly lived. Give your life to Jesus Christ today, do not harden your heart. Jesus loves you, yes he really does, make that move.

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Nothing matters as much as the soul and its eternity with God or without him

Man is not the body. Man is spirit, who has a soul that lives in a body. Ironically many people care only about their bodies and care little about their soul and spirit.

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